Zaid Ali T’s Valentine 7UP

Zaid Ali 7UPYou’ve seen his comedy videos and no one can deny that ZaidTAli is one of rising stars on the internet. With his hilarious takes on societal norms which he highlights with finesse and his interesting insights on the different aspects of cultural differences. Zaid is a hilarious and talented performer and when we found out that he teamed up with 7Up to show us all how Valentines’ Day is spent we were ecstatic! It was refreshing to see that 7Up has taken this initiative and we are looking forward to seeing what they deliver!

After watching the trailer to the full video you’ll be in fits of laughter, his comedic delivery and use of everyday situations is perfect especially for Valentine’s day! A big Kudos to 7Up for making this possible, the full video is much awaited!

If you wish to view the teaser you you can view here:

Zaid Ali T’s Valentine 7UP by fashioncentralpk

And on 7Up Facebook page which is:

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