Propose Day – Best Day to Ask Out

Propose Day

Each day of the lovable month of February is important and well celebrated around the world. The second most cherished Valentine’s Day is given a specific name called Propose Day. Propose Day is the second Day of Valentine’s week celebrated every year on 8th February.

This specific Day is celebrated to propose your girl or guy to express her/him your feelings of love. Many youngsters celebrate this day around the world to express their love and inner desires.

Though, the origins of Valentine’s Day celebrations are much famous globally, but still Propose Day celebrations require more elaboration.

This wonderful Day gives an opportunity to ask your loved one interest in you. Well, one can make the intention known through a rose or while propose either at candle lit dinner at a place where they first met.

Propose Day 8th feb

Propose Day is the best day to ask someone to go out with you or asking to marry you. A formal proposal towards you muck liked person served as a great way to build up to the “question”. A personalized message, song dedication, invite over a dinner, offering a diamond ring, long drive or a romantic self-written love poetry are the best ways to express your feeling for your partner.

On this beautiful day your love may be accepted or rejected. If accepted, it makes you feel like that you are on cloud nine. If rejected, though it will be painful but gives you an ultimate contentment of sharing your pure emotions rather a regret of not speaking at right time.

Moreover, Propose day is created for many people to come together and ask for their partner’s hand in an official manner. There are many assumptions regarding this day and people have different ideas and explanations for this day in the past.


There is a straight fact that this day allowed people to propose in a romantic and unique way, but due to the lack of self-confidence and courage, they are unable to do so. With proposal Day, these people get the unique way to propose their valentine.

So those who have been waiting long for this day can now make a romantic Proposal on this romance filled day to their lovers. This may really adds special meaning to your love.

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