Five things about Fashion Gadgets your Teacher won’t tell You


The word ‘gadget’ refers to a tool, often a machine which serves a specific purpose and many a times is considered as a novelty. Technology, ever since its introduction, has had a great impact on our lives, so much so that the fashion industry has also incorporated technology into its products.

Watches have become Smart watches. Clothing is designed to electronically monitor and maintain a comfortable temperature for the wearer. Flash drives have always come in all shapes and sizes, but as jewelry? Yes, they now also come as wearable jewelry such as pendants etc.

Sci-fi films such as the ‘James Bond” series have been giving Research and Development departments, new ideas to work on and produce gadgets to be introduced in the markets for consumers. Two such gadgets are the smart watch and the GPS tracker watch.

But there are some lives hacks related to these gizmos which can be very useful, cost effective and time saving for consumers. Here are five things about fashion gadgets your teachers can’t and won’t tell you.

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Compared to the magnitude of their usage and the way people use them; earphones are not as rugged as they should be. We’ve all damaged our earphones at one time or another due to accidents or improper usage.

Here’s a tip to avoid this in the future. Tie the cord at the point where the two earpieces split, into a knot. This reduces the tension on the joint if and when the cord is tugged at. It really works. Try it!

We’ve also faced the problem of the cord getting entangled when put in pockets or stored. To avoid this, hold the earphones at the end with the ear pieces and roll then on your fingers or onto a toilet paper tube. The last two or three inches of the cord should be wrapped around the centre of the roll and a simple knot tied. Simple as that. Now your earphone cord will never have to be untangled.

Hair Straightener:

Hair Straightener

Having problems with pressing collars of worn shirts into shape? Here’s a life hack you’d be thankful that you were told. You can use hair straightener to iron your shirt collars. They are easy to handle as compared to the standard iron and you can even iron your collar while wearing the shirt.

Flash drives and USB Cables:

Flash drives and USB Cables

USB Cables are one of the most important needs of the technological era. They are available in wide range and variety. Now you will find the USB cables having the latest design cover that can be a cartoon character like minion, angry bird (the famous game!) and much more. You can also get the customized one, with your name engraved or a quote of your choice. This is useful device and becomes a fashion statement if, you get the customized one!

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Phone Covers:

Phone Covers

Need a new funky cover for your smart phone? Look no further, because here’s how you can get one instantly:

  1. Find a reasonably sized balloon appropriate for your phone,
  2. Inflate it to approximately three quarters of its volume,
  3. Put your phone in the middle and press it down’
  4. Let the balloon deflate and keep pressure on your phone.
  5. The balloon will automatically stick to the sides of your phone as a back cover. Cut off the nozzle if you feel necessary. Change the colors anytime you want for a price far less than the covers available in the markets.

Jeans’ Zippers:

Jeans’ Zippers

Men have dealt with slid down zippers, and felt embarrassed, every once in a while. Here’s a tip to deal with this problem for once and for all. Put a keychain ring in the zipper and when you pull it up; hook up the ring into the button of your pants. Now your zipper won’t be sliding down unless you’d want it to.

You can now cut these off of your ‘first world problems’ list.

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