Ramazan Special Plays

Ramazan Special Plays

Hum TV two special Ramadan plays, Dhol Bajnay laga is a comical story of two love birds and Mein Naa Manu Haar is a lighthearted comedy packed with hilarious moments.

Dhol Bajnay laga

Dhool Bajne Laga

Dhol Bajnay laga is a comical story of two love birds who happen to be cousins also. Both are raised by their mothers as they lost their fathers in a tragic car accident when they were kids. Their mothers hate each other and have a different viewpoint on life. The differences in their cultural backgrounds tend to create hurdles in the cousins’ love life. The love birds try to find new spouses for their mothers so that they can leave them at peace, while the mothers are busy trying to tie the knots of their children with someone boasting the same cultural traits as their own.

FREQUENCY:                     Mon – Sun (Daily from 1ST Ramazan)

WRITER:                             Nasir Faraz

DIRECTOR:                         Fahim Burney

CAST:                                  Sohail Ali Abro, Javed Shiekh, Resham, Azfar Rehman, Asma Abbas and Farah Shah


Mein Naa Manu Haar

Main Na Manoo Haar

Casting the best comic characters of our industry including Umer Sharif, Mein Naa Manu Haar is a light-hearted comedy packed with hilarious moments and fun-filled funny situations that promise to keep the audience amused and entertained. The play features daily life tense situations in the most hilarious manner that will certainly keep the audiences enthralled throughout the month of Ramazan.

FREQUENCY:                     Mon – Sun (Daily from 1ST Ramazan)

TIME:                                   9:10 PM

WRITER:                             Samra Bukhari

DIRECTOR:                        Saffie Hassan

CAST:                               Omer Sherif, Sakeena Somo, Shahroz Sabzwari , Faiza Hasan, Sana Javed, Naheed Shabbir, Salim Shiekh and Ayaz Ahmed

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