Valentine’s Day Celebrations In Pakistan


Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year with much zeal on 14 February. It is called the day of love. Each year on this special day love one spend time together and wishes everyone. Valentine’s Day celebration in Pakistan is done with much effort. Pakistani people love to celebrate the special days where they can greet each other and spread out love.

Many people take this day as a day not to celebrate but Valentine’s Day celebrations in Pakistan is the day where family gets together and where friends get together to celebrate the day. In Pakistan, valentine day is not celebrated as it is been celebrated in the western society. It is not the day to open the illegal relationship but it is the day to spread out love between your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day celebrations in Pakistan are done such as before a week or two week you can see red balloons and red flowers everywhere especially in the bigger markets. Than before the day, you can see different restaurants offering special deals for family and friends to celebrate the day there. There is so much to do on this day before the valentine day the gifts shops are filled with variety of new gifts and there are lots of cards seen everywhere on which it is written “ Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Now the popular trend, which is that this day, is so important that some big cakes shops and bakery especially make cakes for the loved one. People come to shop and order the cake they like and then go to their loved one’s home to celebrate the day. Valentine’s Day celebration in Pakistan is done with so much zeal that people coming out of the country can tell that this is not the day of couples but it is just simply the day of love for everyone.

Mother daughter love day and so it is a husband wife love day. Most of the families do not celebrate the whole day but they go out for dinner and have fun with the family the purpose of going out with family is that spend time with them and make them realize how much family loves each other. Everyone celebrates this day according to his or her own wish and according to his or her pocket.

Many people Valentine’s Day celebration in Pakistan by spending quality time with family and friends. Many families go out to watch a nice movie or they even arrange a movie night at home where all the relatives and friends are present. One should also take care of some things like when you are with family on this special day don’t use internet much and avoid using much phone. Just be with family.

Valentine’s Day celebration in Pakistan was on its peak last year. Many people or couples were seen out in the cafes and parks. The best gift on Valentine’s Day is to make a homemade card for loved one; this is the only best way to make him or her feel how special the other person is for you. The card feeling will be changed when other person will get to know that you made it on your own. Write something very special in the card or you can write some poem to make other feel how much you love him or her.

Valentine’s Day celebrations in Pakistan are all over on media too. The media portrays this day so positively. Media shows different programs in which the messages are to spread love and peace. Different talk shows and musical shows have been particularly designed for this day. People love watching them.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, how one can forgets chocolates. On every super store, there are new and red packed chocolates for this special day. Different brands like Patchi and Lals are very popular when it comes to buy chocolates’ on this special day.

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