Pakistani Drama: Kadurat On Hum Tv

Pakistani Drama: Kadurat On Hum Tv

Kadurat, a new drama serial on HUM TV  going to be superhit like other serials of HUM TV. The story of the serial is written by Zoha Hassan, produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Aabis Raza. The promo of the drama serial Kadurat speaks itself much about the story in which the whole story of the Kadurat revolves around a girl named Meera the character being played by notable actress Sanam Saeed whose mothers died when she is of eight.

The drama seems to have a huge awaited audience after the promo of few minutes. The promo presents a life of a girl whose personality is full of hatred for her step family and situation becomes worse with time. Will girl ever be able to reconcile herself to her new family? You must watch KADURAT to know what will happen.

Drama Serial Kadurat

Her father remarries to mother of two children and Meera is to accept them as her family. But Meera unable to understand the situation and creates problems for her and her step family. Meera’s behavior goes from bad to worse. Owing to this, his father Mahmood (Deepak Parwani) decides to send herto hostel. All this pent up anger and bitterness against her step family and transformed her in more negative person than she already was. After completion of studies, Meera seems to take revenge from all who takes her away from his father.

Kadurat also starring more brilliant actors besides Sanam Saeed such as Junaid khan, Momal Sheikh, Angeline Malik, Imran Aslam, Semi Pasha, Sohail Hashmi, Adnan Jaffer and fashioner Deepak Parwani. The fascinating part of the serial is Deepak Parwani who is well known fashioner who substantiates himself as a great on screen character.

Kadurat is generally a story of Mahmood’s (Deepak Parwani) household. Sanam Saeed has always proven herself as a brilliant actress. She has added a real charm to her role in this drama. She has unique ability to adjust herself according to the need of the role which is the reason behind her success.

Drama Serial Kadurat On Hum Tv

You have seen many stories related to step families in which a poor girl or boy has to suffer a lot by the worse and cruel behavior of step mother. But the story of Kadurat is different and it covers another aspect of this step family relationship. In Meera’s negative behavior and in teasing others, her personality has a childish side too.

Besides all her worse personality, she demands attention and don’t know what to do to fill the void in her life that was left by her mother’s demise. She does not know how to tackle the whole situation which has turned her out to a complicated personality. In the entire story of this drama, meera seems to be in the state of mental unease and psychological discomfort. Having said that Meera’s character is a little on the extreme side too.

Story seems to be interesting and let see what will happen in the Kadurat. Will Meera ever be able to reconcile herself to her new family or anger, bitterness and hatred (kadurat) will become stronger in her? To know, you have to watch this interesting Drama serial Kadurat on Hum TV which is scheduled on every Wednesday night at 8 pm. It is expecting that kadurat will also reach to success like other drama serials on Hum TV.

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