Kinnaird Centennial CelebrationThis is a year of celebration for Kinnaird College for Women. This college is a legacy, for a hundred years this college has been producing some of the best and most talented women in Pakistan. Kinnaird is the pioneer and the forager of talent and woman empowerment that makes it a priceless asset to the community. And now this college is turning one hundred years old, the college is planning on celebrating this year with a bang. The authorities have planned some amazing programs for the rest of the year that will keep the students and the faculty reeling with joy and entertainment.

The Centennial year kicked off with a formal cake cutting ceremony that set the mood for the rest of the year. The Cake was in the shape of “100” and the students and the Principal, Rukhsana David enjoyed that delicious treat. But that was just the beginning of the fun and entertainment. The next event was very charming and engaging. The Oaks (Society of Kinnaird) organized a fun filled fun fare that was at once outrageously popular. Families of old and new students came to relishthis event that started in the morning and ended well into the evening.

Then of course, no celebration is complete without saying thanks to the Almighty. Both the Muslims and the minorities of the college said their gratitude in their own religious way. The Muslims organized a Special Milad and the Christian students said their prayers in the Special Thanksgiving Service. Once done with that, the college will do more entertaining aspects like sports day, then the college will then Honor the Alumni in the morning and move on to the Hadiqa Kiyani. The celebrated singer will come to Kinnaird for the first time and dazzle the students and of course everyone who is there.

And this is not it, there are even more events that will keep the whole college busy and regaled. There will be this Kinnaird Book Launch that will celebrate the success of this college since 1913 to 2013. There will be the convocation and this one will be very special because the great granddaughter of the Lady Kinnaird will be present as the chief guest. Some very lucky ladies will be given the honor of getting their degrees from this great granddaughter of such an amazing lady. That will indeed be a thing to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Then there is the musical event and an evening with the legendary Principal and the mother of modern Kinnaird College Mira Phailbus. This one single woman made this college a force and one of the best colleges for women in all over Pakistan. The centennial celebrations will end with the inauguration of the Mural and the centennial play. This last piece of entertainment is literally a big huge play that comprises all of the best and the most popular plays that were performed by the students of this college over the century.

Now this is called jam-packed and fun filled year!


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