Emerald Crowned the Color for 2013

Emerald crowned the color for 2013Last year, it seemed like orange was everywhere, as we have approached 2013 people are awaiting the color for this year. Pantone, a small biz based out of New Jersey, carried out a survey and crowned Emerald as the color for 2013.

Emerald is a “lively, radiant, lush green” that Pantone describes as the “color of growth, renewal, and prosperity.” The color is shade of green and gives a very elegant feel. In order to get a better idea how different designers feel about, we asked them how would they about and incorporate this color in their collection.

The color will be center of attention for everyone. Fashion designers, jewellery designers and interior decorators will be coming up with collections based on the color of the year. This international phenomenon will be seen in the Pakistani fashion stage as well. The color will be part of both casual and formal collection.

Let’s see what different designers have in mind for this color:

Afsheen Mehoob:

Emerald crowned the color for 2013

A classy color to say the least. The color has depth and completes the overall look of the outfit. The color will look outstanding on bridal dress with heavy embellishment. The color will give a new feel if it is worn instead of the traditional red color.

Monica Paracha:

Emerald crowned the color for 2013

The strength of green is that it goes with or enhances most colors. The overall energy of the color is just amazing. People should go for this color in their accessories as well not just outfits.

Kausar Humayun:

Emerald crowned the color for 2013

“Green is not only the color of the season but it is also one of our all-time favorites. This particular shade is a classic, earthy tone – with pops of vermillion red – that is used in a style that transcends to the contemporary. It is this fine line that we like to straddle creatively here at Pershe. The goal is to create a piece that adheres to the classic South Asian tradition but in a new and innovative way for the modern woman who treasures her heritage.

Sehyr Anis:

Emerald crowned the color for 2013

I love it as an accent color, a great color to mix with neutrals on various outfits. The color is very pleasing to the eye and gives a feeling of comfort. Balanced yet sophisticated, Emerald enlivens all colors in the spectrum and will continue to make a statement beyond spring and summer into fall and winter

Ruby Shakel:

Emerald crowned the color for 2013

“Pairing [emerald green] with other bolds, such as royal blue, fuchsia, or purple jewel tones, works surprisingly well. The color can be used alone and can also be used with different patterns and prints.

Saira Rizwan:

Emerald crowned the color for 2013

Green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum. I personally like the color very much as it personifies the person wearing it and enhance other bold colors as well.

By: Kabir Khan

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