Hansti Basti Video LaunchThe Others, comprising Zoya Uzair on vocals as well as rhythm/lead guitar, and Ali Sultan on drums, is aptly known as Pakistan’s youngest rock band, with Zoya being 17, and Ali being just 11 years old. This brother sister duo has already come a long way since the band’s inception in 2010. They have opened for established acts such as Strings, Atif Aslam, Jal, Symt, Call, JOSH, Pappu Saeen Dholi, Saeen Zahoor, Zeb & Haniya, Noori and Ali Azmat. Their set list comprises a diverse compilation of both classic and contemporary hits from local and foreign artists.

This Thursday, The Others will be officially launching their first ever video for a new original song by them, called Hansti Basti.The first launch event will take place in Lahore on 3rd January, 2013, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, at Avari Hotel. Subsequently, launch events will also be held in Peshawar and Karachi, dates, times and venues for which are to be announced soon.

Hansti Basti is generally a song about perseverance and family. The precise theme of the video will be unveiled at the launch. The video also stars the likes of Wahab Shah and Abdul Mannan, and is directed by NCA graduate Ashna Khan.

About his particular involvement in, and experience with this project, Wahab Shah says “I was looking after dance choreography & performance in this video. The experience was fun filled and joyous. Zoya and Ali hold promising futures as aspiring musicians. If they continue to work as hard, they will surely reach heights in music industry”. “I myself have not seen the final product yet, and anxiously waiting for the final screening to give my verdict”, says Wahab regarding the launch of the Hansti Basti video.

Director of the video, Ashna Khan, was responsible for direction, conception and visualization. “It was an experience of a lifetime, and also, it was my directorial debut. I therefore am quite sure that people are going to appreciate our efforts”, comments Ashna.

Speaking about Zoya & Ali, Ashna says “They are going to be a great contribution towards music in this country. The reason for my personal involvement in this project was the song itself and the initial idea for the song & video, which was a contribution to social change. I hope it will inspire the whole nation”.

The launch event will be a new chapter for The Others, allowing them to take the next big step to stardom.

Music Video Credits:

Poetry: Bashir Ahmed Bashir
Composed by: Naseem Abbas
Audio (mix & master): True Brew Records
Choreographer: Wahab shah
Directed by: Ashna Khan
Post: Aamer Ahmad, Khurram Ali
Costumes: Leisure Club
Produced by: Uzair Sultan


At such a young age, Zoya has managed to accomplish more than most adults do across many years. She has been involved in and soared at everything from regional / national competitions, theatre, music, photo-shoots, tele-commercials to even working in TV. Most recently, she hosted 8 Episodes of a show on restaurants of Lahore called “CAFÉ LIFE”, on Kohenoor TV in 2010. She also hosted various shows on TV channel WIKKID Plus from 2007 to 2008.

Other than perusing her music career with The Others, Zoya is also currently a popular RJ on FM94. However, her affiliation with radio began much earlier when she was invited as a guest on various shows, across top stations, and later when she worked with CityFM89 as a host for their marketing events from 2010 to recently in 2012.

Her hobbies include singing, playing guitar, theatre, painting, horse riding, swimming, listening to music / radio &watching TV.


Ali is12 years old, and a student of class 6, at Lahore Grammar School, Lahore. He is commonly known as the youngest drummer of Pakistan. He started working as a child star at the age of 5 in Diamond Supreme Foam’s advertisement – Kaam Kaam Kaam, Din Raat Karain Hum Kam.

Ali began playing drums at the age of 7 and formed The Others band with his sister at the age of 9. He has also performed in Anwar Maqsood‘s popular stage play “Pawney 14 August” Lahore chapter as a main child star, in July 2012.

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