Sonam Kapoor Bought Ayesha Khurram Marilyn Monroe Kurta

Sonam Kapoor Bought Ayesha Khurram Marilyn Monroe KurtaSonam Kapoor Bought Ayesha Khurram Marilyn Monroe Kurta Sonam Kapoor, film actress and fashion icon and a member of Bollywood’ royal family, is worshiped all over India and beyond for her cutting edge sense of style and fashion sensibility. She is credited with starting many a fashion trend, and recently made an unusual choice for an Indian celebrity by purchasing an outfit designed by Ayesha Khurram.

Ayesha Khurram, renowned all over Pakistan for her visually vibrant designs and Andy Warhol-esque patterns, is credited for making Marilyn Monroe and the Buddha a part of  every fashionable Pakistani woman’s wardrobe. “Though I’m a minimalist at heart, I seek inspiration from various influences ranging from Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry to Autumn foliage,” said the soft-spoken designer who currently owns three stores in Lahore and Faislabad, and is planning to establish a store in Karachi shortly.

Ayesha Khurram’s truly original aesthetic and design philosophy has made her one of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry in Pakistan. Her designs have been spotted on supermodel Mehreen Syed, morning show host Nur, fashionista and magazine editor Andleeb Rana and many more. “She is easily one of the most original and cutting edge designers around,” wrote on critic in a newspaper article on her latest collection.

A few months ago, Ayesha Khurram created waves when her Marilyn Monroe kurta was picked up by none other than Hollywood’s teen idol Katy Perry. Photographs of Katy Perry holding up the famous colorful kurta circulated widely on the internet and all top newspapers grabbed at the story. Katy Perry was gifted the outfit by Pernia, who runs one of of India’s most fashionable websites called Pernia’s Popup shop.

Now none other than Sonam Kapoor went shopping online on the same website and picked up an Ayesha Khurram ensemble.

“I really can’t believe it,” said the designer, who prefers keeping a low profile and letting her designs gain the limelight. “Sonam Kapoor is easily one of the most fashionable and stunning women in Bollywood and to have her choosing one of my outfits is such a high.”

Though it’s hard to verify this fact, it’s widely believed that this is the first Pakistani designer dress purchased by Sonam Kapoor.

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