The Great Festivities of Chand RaatChaand Raat, or the Eid’s eve is the day when all the Muslims get together in their towns and cities and celebrate the festivities of the great night. This celebration is in the honour of the ending of the holy month of Ramadan when the Muslims have kept fast throughout. On Chaand raat, Muslims shove themselves in the markets; women along with their children do shopping and try to get hold of fancy clothes. Markets are bright with lights and extraordinary deals for families to come and shop. These are all the privileges that we find on the Chaand Raat. Normally, markets close down by 10 p.m but on Chaand Raat, market stay open for the whole night. People coming back home from different cities can come and shop at whatever time is suitable for them. Men mostly try to get their traditional dresses on the Chaand Raat as they have to offer Eid prayers the next day.

Muslim women are also interested in getting matching bangles with their dresses on the Chaand Raat as it is part of the tradition in Pakistan. Not just bangles, it can in the form of jewellery or just buying gifts for the relatives too. It does not finish off the festivities of the Chaand raat, Muslim women love to get hina too. Hina for women is the most important part of the Chaand Raat. Without the application of hina on hands with various patterns, designs and even colors is available on different corners of the streets and parlours. Chaand Raat becomes fascinating with the excitement of getting the most beautiful pattern of hina on the hands of Muslim girls and women.

Nevertheless, even poor people by the grace of almighty also get something from their Muslim brothers and sisters. Muslims tend to bring new clothes and shoes for the less bestowed on Chaand Raat. This is a gesture to make the poor feel part of the festivities that take place on Chaand Raat. Muslims feel obliged to include all other Muslims in their activities and preparation for the special day that is Eid.

On Chaand Raat, mosques are decorated with exquisite lighting in order to feel blessed by Allah’s showering. Not just this, people who have enclosed themselves in the mosque, they return back to their homes on the Chaand Raat as their relatives and family come to give them the necklaces of roses in order to appreciate them for their extensive prayers. Chaand Raat is the right time to become happy, enjoy the free food and enrich them with whatever Almighty has provided to them.


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