Make your own Bangles

Make your own BanglesBangles are an accessory which makes your look dressed and adds color to your outfit. It is a tradition especially found in the subcontinent. There are so many different kinds of bangles but the traditional ones look the best. Bangles never go out of fashion and it doesn’t matter how many you have they are never enough. The best part about bangles is that they come in every color, shape and size.

The traditional glass bangles are still in and they look amazing at weddings but there are other kinds of bangles too which are in fashion these days. Another trend which is seen these days is to make your own bangles. It is really simple and a lot of fun. You can make bangles while sitting at home watching TV or in a group of friends. You will also have the liberty to choose your own colors and mix and match.

Making your own bangles is really easy you just need to get lots of steel bangles because it is easier to wrap thread around them and also the fact that they don’t break and can’t hurt you. The second step would be to get threads of different color Remember that you will need lots of threads and a scissor. Secondly you can also get beads to put on your bangles and the traditional lace called Gota will look really nice in bangles.

Start wrapping the threads around the bangles in whatever color combination you want. You can keep on adding beads if you like and when the bangle is fully covered you can glue the end of the thread to the bangle.

Making your own bangles can be really fun and you will never run out of accessories when you are going out. These bangles can be a lovely present for your girlfriends on their birthdays and other occasions. If you master the art of making your own bangles you can also make it a business and start taking orders and run your business online.

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