Kids Summer Camps Trend in Pakistani SchoolSummer school is planned by many schools in leading cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad but in other small cities it is still not a very common sight. Though all over the world summer camp is usually organized to offer students some learning and recreational activities such as mathematics, yoga, music and performing arts etc. But in Pakistan it is given a different definition. In Pakistan, summer camp in school is like a short time school where they have to where uniform and attend regular classes.

This concept of summer camp kills the whole point of giving students a break and providing them with healthy learning environment in summer. In Pakistani summer schools extracurricular activities are given least importance and the whole student- teacher behavior is observed in the summer camp with regular home works too. Though this trend is about to change now because there are certain big names in the education industry that focuses on providing students with a healthy learning environment.

The summer school offered by The International School of Choueifat is one that should be appreciated. This summer camp is for grade 11 and 12 students which spans over a period of 3 weeks in August. In this summer school children raise funds, run school cafeteria and canteen and also plan trips for 3rd to 10th graders. This way this summer camp is designed to teach students the practicality of life and makes their holidays productive. Sports and other activities are also conducted with extracurricular activities like spelling completions and general knowledge quizzes.

Kids’ campus offers an outstanding summer school that is very well designed. It has cooking classes, physical activates, arts and recreation. Beacon House and Lahore Grammar School also offers well designed summer camps. These summer camps have coaching classes as well as other learning activities like debating camps, public speaking classes, cooking classes and sports activities.

Over all the trend of summer school has become more widespread in Pakistan. Now we have more schools that offer summer schools and the activities are also better planned.


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