Live on the Edge with Warid’s Mobile Internet – Superior Service Quality Nationwide

[Lahore, 02 May 2012] In keeping with brand’s commitment to provide its customers with reliable internet service, Warid Telecom is proud to reveal a new dimension with its improved Edge service. This service marks the telecom company’s step forward in mobile internet. This improved version of the Edge service offers greater reliability, speed, and a one stop solution for all your data needs across the country.

Warid’s Edge services will empower consumers with a faster and more consistent online experience which allows rapid browsing as well as faster downloading no matter where you are. Warid is set to take the campaign on-ground with innovative activation that will allow the consumer to experience the superior quality of mobile internet service first hand.

Director Marketing Sadaf Zarrar said, “The aim simply is to provide our customers with a better and more reliable online experience. The service gives the consumers a one-stop solution to their online needs through unmatched nationwide service allowing a better user experience through the best quality mobile internet service. On the whole this campaign ‘Live on the Edge’ enhances the experience of mobile internet – increased speed and reliability, making browsing, downloading, streaming and other online activities a lot simpler yet superior than before.”

Subscribers can enjoy improved service quality with Warid’s 15MB daily internet bucket for Rs. 10 and 100MB monthly bucket for Rs. 99.99 only; to activate, SMS 15MB or 100MB to 7777.

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