Color Studio Professional’s at DHA Women’s College

KARACHI: Color Studio Professionals recently organized a free eye make-over and nail art activity at DHA Women’s College where dozens of girls rushed to the stalls to try out the stunning array of cosmetics.

Color Studio Professionals has established a grand setup where college girls were invited to try out various shades of lip sticks, lip liners, kajal etc.

I am truly enjoying this activity,” said Rahat Iqbal, 18, who was busy trying out nail colors. Color Studio Professional’s has a huge range of nail colors ranging from Mojito, an apple green, to a beautiful pink Dancing Queen. “I rarely get time to go out and shop so it’s great that they have come here.This is the coolest thing ever,” said Faiza Irfan, 19, who was waiting in line for her turn at nail art. “I can’t wait to get my nails looking super jazzed up and super cool. I love nail art but rarely get the chance to get it done.

Color Studio Professionals has expert nail artists who participate in all of CSP’s activities ranging from the Love Tour to the DHA Women’s College activity to salon activities. At DHA Women’s College, a hefty 40 percent discount was offered to students exciting them to dig into their purses and buy up a good three month supply.

I am looking forward to trying their products,” said Maria Waseem, 19, who had purchased Color Rush lipsticks, blushers and Soft Kohl Kajal pencils.

A hot seller from the Color Studio Professional’s makeup range are the Color Rush lipsticks. These are instant color release and have a creamy texture. The lipstick glides easily for smooth, even spread. These lipsticks have an ideal formulation for dry lips because of hydrating effect. All Color Rush lipsticks are enriched with vitamins and essential oils to protect and nourish lips.


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