Leisure Club celebrates 15 Years of Urban Fashion Excellence with a Mega Circus!

[Lahore: 19 March 2012] Come one, come all to the Leisure Club Spring/Summer circus; it’s coming to town for just one day to kick off Leisure Club’s 15th birthday celebrations.

The event promises to be the most saucy, sassy and supremely fun  fashion extravaganza of the season because Leisure Club has literally juggled vivid colors, acrobatically crafted their denims and tamed wild, psychedelic beasts to make it happen!

What makes this event special is the never-seen-before amalgamation of a mega – fashion show with circus acrobats and surprise musical performances.

Expect an art attack of unprecedented proportions as Leisure Club fuses their psychedelic Spring/Summer line  with captivating performances by Ukrainian and Russian acrobats, magicians and conjurers, Singaporean Kung Fu artists, daring young men and women on flying trapezes, Lion tamers, tightrope walkers, and a dance troupe.When asked about the event, General Manager of Leisure Club Omer Chaudry said “It’s a truly ingenious event, celebrating colors, designs and great talents. We’ve artistically merged our vibrant spring line with the flamboyance and flair of the local circus talent; the perfect recipe for a spellbinding experience of ginormous proportions. We are looking forward to our brands’ evangelists joining us in our celebrations on the 30th of March. Come experience our new spring range with design color and functionality at their best and If you haven’t already, visit one of our outlets to get your exclusive pass to the celebration before they run out!”

Indeed with the Leisure Club Circus collection, the team has designed a collection that is bold, bright and unrestrained. The collection hits stores this March and includes three new lines: the circus spring line, the angry bird line and core color blocking line.

About Leisure Club:

15 years ago, Leisure Club established itself as the first ever branded retail chain for Western apparel in Pakistan. It all came into being when a duo of enterprising siblings – with a touch of the same spirit that created Bareeze — observed that the world’s best apparel brands were all too often tagged “Made in Pakistan” yet, strangely enough, there was no such premium clothing brand to be found anywhere in Pakistan.

The perception was that brands are not for Pakistanis; that we did not value the concept of quality, would not pay a premium for it; and subsequently that anyone wanting to introduce one locally was doomed to failure. And so, anyone who did want quality, branded clothing, had to go abroad to get it. Those who could not afford to or did not have the time had to settle for sub-standard design & fabric quality. This is when Leisure Club was born.

Indeed Leisure Club has evolved into Pakistan’s no. 1 family fashion destination, featuring 3 premium sub-brands: Club X, LC Boutique, and LC Kids. Club X provides trendy urban street wear for young adults, LC boutique offers elegant Eastern wear for the entire family, and LC Kids gives casual clothing options for kids.

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