Increase in Growing trend of Tuck Shops with Bus Stop

Over the years we have seen a trend of increasing number of tuck shops near bus stops. Tuck shops near bus stops often have huge sales revenues which is why an increasing trend has been witnessed. In Pakistan buses are mostly not punctual.

This becomes the main reason behind commuters standing on bus stops for long periods of time.These commuters are usually the working class or students which want to relax after long working hours. In this situation a tuck shop nearby is a dream come true for most of the commuters. The passengers drink beverages to beat the heat and to get some energy to wait for the bus.

Students that are usually in a hurry to reach school on time leave home without having breakfast. These students can often be seen drinking tea and eating a light snack like biscuits while they wait for their bus. Hence the demand for tuck shops is the reason for trend in increased number of tuck shops.

While the increased number of tuck shops on bus stops has many benefits to the commuters, the drawbacks are also worth noticing. We all know about the group of a few illiterate, desperate men that have no other job but to annoy girls and women. When these men find tuck shops on bus stops their goal to look at girls and women becomes very easy to achieve. They can simply go to the tuck shop and drink beverages and have snacks and simultaneously stare at women standing on bus stop. This way they do not need to explain the reason for standing there because everyone knows that anyone can come to shop if they pay for what they buy.

Moreover the increased number of tuck shops has also made bus stops more crowded and dirty. When commuters eat and drink while standing on the bus stop they throw wrappers and bottles on the floor.

The trend in increasing number of tuck shops on bus stops makes it easier and convenient for passengers wait in heat and cold weather. However the bus stops should also be equipped with proper dust bins so that the bus stops are neat and clean.

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