Al Karam Celebrated Women’s Award

As the 8th of March marks an important day internationally, where women are given recognition and celebrated for their achievements and accomplishments, alkaram has taken the same initiative to place itself as a brand actively involved in furthering the cause for Women’s development.

The alkaram brand essenceTo Look and Feel beautiful is every woman’s right” in itself celebrates the individuality of women on a daily basis. Alkaram, a brand present in our market for 25 years, ensuring quality products to its customers is now taking steps towards initiating the cause for development for its target audience. The idea behind the brand is not only to look beautiful but also “feel” beautiful, and with this in mind, alkaram has joined hands with the renowned Behbud Foundation to further their cause. The foundation focuses on working towards underprivileged sections of our society, primarily on women and children. The scope of work involves health services, education, vocational training and opportunities for income generation. alkaram is donating a percentage of its sales from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection sales at the alkaram studio to the Behbud Foundation to actively develop the status of women in our society.

The event hosted by alkaram on the 8th of March is a blatant celebration of young women in our society worthy of recognition. The event encompasses a spectrum of fields from which women have been nominated by a reputed panel of judges for the alkaramWomen of the Nation Award”. The judging jury comprises of Seema Tahir, a media mogul, Meher Afroz esteemed artist, Seemi Kamal, an activist and chief of the Aurat Foundation and Faisal Qureshi, a reputed morning show host on TV One.

The award winners nominated by the jury are all women who have achieved recognition and respect on the basis of their own achievements and merit. The pool of award winners includes names of Nida Butt, Saba Ansari, Nausheen Leghari, Amina Agha, Naheed Mashoqullah, Nadia Hussain, Kiran Baluch, Laeeq Akbar, Farhat Ishtiaq, Naila Naqvi, Naiza Khan, Sana Bucha and Sara Zaman. The mentioned women have all taken active steps towards the development of women’s status in our society through their own accomplishments and thus given true meaning to this day which gives everyone a reason to celebrate them.

In addition to the award ceremony hosted by alkaram, there is much more to celebrate at the event. The launch of the new alkaram studio in Bahadurabad is inaugurated by this event. There will be a wish tree present at the event, where guests can share their comments and ideas with alkaram for their idea of “Women’s Day”. The whole event is designed to be interactive linking alkaram with its target costumer and emphasizing the brand vision that each women deserves to look and feel beautiful and alkaram is making sure of that!

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