Rup, Sidra & QKarachi, March 2, 2012 – Canadian High Commission, in partnership with Blinck, launched a Canadian initiative for pluralism in an event today. The event invited over 350 promising young leaders and youth activists from a diverse variety of colleges, student societies, ethnic and religious minority groups and other community leadership forums.

The event, designed and managed by celebrated youth icon and media anchor person , Sidra Iqbal (Founder, Blinck) also featured the South Asian-Canadian musical group JoSH. This event is part of a broader discussion on the role of pluralism and diversity in Canada and Pakistan.Opening the event Sidra Iqbal said, “Blinck is proud to partner with the Canadian High Commission for this very meaningful youth subject of pluralism and bring together a very vibrant group of young leaders. In a progessive society, the true victory is the victory of democracy and pluralism.”

Head of Communications Andrew Ng stated “Pluralism goes beyond tolerance to embracing difference as a source of strength. Canada has evolved layers of policies to accommodate our diversity, such as federalism, bilingualism, multiculturalism and aboriginal self-government. Today, most Canadians consider pluralism and diversity to be core values. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah captured the spirit of pluralism in using the phrase ‘unity in diversity.’”.

JoSH is a wonderful expression of Canadian pluralism and example of how diversity is a force for creativity. Rup (Rupinder Magon) was born and raised in a practicing Sikh family in Montreal and Q (Qurram Hussain) is a Pakistani immigrant to Canada. JoSH’s musical influences include Pakistani qawwali, Indian ragas, bhangra, pop and hip hop.

In the coming weeks, the Canadian High Commission in partnership with Blinck will be conducting a media campaign to engage Pakistanis on the theme of pluralism. During today’s event, the Canadian High Commission honoured the memory of slain Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti on the one-year anniversary of his assassination.


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