Happy Women’s Day to the Glorious Women of Pakistan

Women’s Day has started meaning a lot to Pakistani women as they are on a constant strive for success and gaining recognition worldwide. There have been strong women in Pakistan’s history such as Fatima Jinnah who contributed so much to this country that we live in and especially for women.

Then there was Nusrat Bhutto who was one the very first woman to drive herself in Karachi back in the 70’s.

Pakistan has seen a bunch of amazing and talented women but Woman’s Day has never been this special as it is now. The trend of working women in Pakistan is growing so much. Pakistani women know that they do not necessarily need to get out of their homes in order to contribute. So many small scale businesses have opened up and women are making business and contributing to their homes and families.Then there are women like Hina Rabbani Khar who is currently our Foreign Minister. It feels great to see a woman traveling all around the world and strengthening Pakistan’s image. It is magnificent to see a woman playing that role. Sherry Rehman has become the Ambassador to the United States of America which again shows what women in Pakistan are really up to. There is Asma Jehangir who is recognized worldwide for her work in humanity and for women.

This is year is all the more special for Pakistani women and all the more reason to celebrate women’s day with full devotion and celebrations. Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy won an Oscar for her documentary. She is the first Pakistani in history to ever get an Oscar and she is not a man but a woman which is amazing.

The speech that Sharmeen did while holding the beautiful Oscar trophy in her hand gave hope to millions of women sitting in their drawing rooms in Pakistan watching her on television that they can also dream. They can also get the recognition that they deserve only if they don’t give up and stand up for themselves. A very Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful ladies out there who have dreams and who have the courage to fulfill their dreams.

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