Color Studio Celebrates Valentine’s Day With A Romantic Love Tour

KARACHI: Color Studio, a global cosmetics brand dedicated to providing high quality, feel good products to women worldwide, recently conducted an exciting and innovative Love Tour. The Love Tour was part of Color Studio‘s Valentine celebration but instead of restricting the festivities to only 14th Feb, this leading make-up brand dedicated the first two weeks of Feb to conducting a much hyped about and talked about Valentine celebration. The Love Tour visited various salons, colleges and malls, providing each place with a flavor of love.The Love Tour was super fun and super exciting,” said Ayesha Rashid, 37, who came to get red nail art done on her nails at Blush salon. “I think this is a great idea and I know some of my friends were following the Love Tour on the Color Studio website to see which salon is being hit next.

The various salons participating in the Love Tour included Blush salon, Nina Lotia’s salon, Angie’s salon as well Sabs where the Love Tour stopped for three days. Apart from making stops at salons, the Love Tour also visited multi-brand Brands Just Pret located at Dolmen City Mall, where nail art and eye makeup in red and pink shades was done on women visiting the store.

I think the Love Tour was a fantastic idea and really innovative,” said Somaya Adnan, managing director of Brands Just Pret. “Our customers loved the free nail art and eye make-up and I think this was a great way of getting people in a Valentine’s Day mood.

The Love Tour was also visited DHA Women’s College where college girls literally bombarded the space, eager to get their hands on the products and to avail the exciting discounts being offered.

Color Studio Professional is a global cosmetics brand dedicated to providing high quality, feel good products to women worldwide. Designed and developed in Italy, the Color Studio Professional makeup line is based on modern trends in the fashion and design industries. Milan has long been a fashion hub and is the inspiration behind Color Studio Professional. We use patented ingredients to develop fabulous custom design colors suitable for all skin tones.

Innovation is integral to the Color Studio Professional philosophy. They utilize vitamins, minerals and various beneficial natural and synthetic ingredients as the foundation of our feel good cosmetics line.

The Love Tour‘s PR and media was managed by Voila PR.

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