Winter is a lovely season and there are many things that we love about winters such as warm clothes, foggy nights, coffee, bonfires, BBQs and dry fruits. Dry fruits are simply loveable in winters. At the start of the season people stock up dry fruits at home to enjoy the cold, with the heater on. Dry fruits are a perfect winter snack and can be easily carried also in small packets of coat pockets. Dry fruits taste even better along with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Kashmiri chai which is also known as pink tea is also very popular in winters.

Dry fruits in winters are really good for skin in winters. The skin tends to dry out more in winters and the oils in dry fruits prevent skin from drying. Most common dry fruits are  Nuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Walnuts, Raisins, Dried apricots, PistachiosPrunes, Peanuts, Dates and Coconut. Continue reading…

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While the crisp and salty taste of the fried golden nimko still lasts in the mouth, the remembrance of the colossal store could not be erased from the mind. It is impossible to stop thinking how a man sitting in his 5 Marla place had so much power of delivering taste and freshness in his hand only to be discovered by the tremendously professional and hardworking team from METRO.

Laeeq Durrani, Head of Own Brand, Sagar Mehmood, Sr. Manager QA for Own Brands and Hamza Bakhshi, Sr. Brand Manager Own Brand along-with Abdul Sami who is the store manager at METRO Airport Store, informed about their day in and day out meticulous tasks of discovering our own local people with ability and talent just not enough resources . This in turn helps develop our cottage industry giving air to Pakistan’s progress as a nation. They emphasized the need to put the wealth of time and effort on local manufacturers to cement the local supplier base rather than simple imported products.

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