Bonfire – The Best Way to Sit With Friends In Winter

With gray snow-laden skies, bare trees, and freezing cold, winter seems endless. For how long could you settle down beside a warm fireplace with a good book. Boring! What you need is to restart winter celebrations, going outdoorsy, arrange for a bonfire in winter, invite friends, share the warmth of life, have fun and relax!

For perfect winter celebrations, collect some of your fireplace logs and set your patio chairs around. Invite your friends and have some barbecue. Sip steaming mugs of hot chocolate (or hot toddies) or Cappuccino, or get purely eastern in sharing “Qehwa” and sing around the bonfire in winter. With red noses and flames a-blazing, you and your friends are sure to have a blast.

 Bonfire in winter means, sitting closest with your friends beside the bonfire, long conversations, exchanging and cracking jokes, planning for future, discussing the prospects of life with the romantic and melodious ever soft tunes running in the background… such winter celebrations are the simplest Words Worthian pleasures of life which don’t fall heavy on your pocket, yet leave behind the rapturous ever memories!

Bonfire in winter means, watching the amazingly bright winter stars under the dim and romantic blaze as the only light, trying to catch a shooting star to make a wish, watching ice melt and sizzle on the fire, throwing a snow ball on the pile of logs to tame the flames and experiencing the emotional rise need to be tamed in parallel….

Bonfire in winter means a call for winter celebrations, boosting up the grey and boring spirits turning down because of the external chill, experiencing the difference between a stuffy and dull indoor vs fresh and exciting outdoor, enjoying the toasting warm, making snowmen beside the enchanting light of bonfire in winter.

Bonfire in winter means reverting back to the barbarian age, touching and exploring the primitive you, enjoying the barbecued raw meat with all of its natural flavours and juices just like life in its pure most , rustic and bare form!!!! How about toasting and cracking some nuts and relishing them over a cup of your favourite hot drink. Such winter celebrations might leave behind an eternal joy and never ending warmth.

Bonfire in winter means leaning on any your friend’s shoulder, enjoying the true companionship and shedding away the fears, tears, loneliness, tensions and thus giving vent to all negative feelings instead of freezing them inside.

Well guys, enough incentives for winter celebrations!!! now come out of the trance woven around you by your imaginations, and practically plan your bonfire in winter!

Best of Luck!

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