The Joys of Reading Newspaper

At the speed the television and internet are becoming popular amongst the youth and the senior citizens of this world, the time is not far when newspaper reading trend will cease to exist and people won’t pay any heed to newspaper reading at all. There was a time when newspaper reading was the only hobby people used to have. Reading 2-3 papers daily was a norm and not only that, reading every itty gritty detail of the newspaper was the standard that everybody followed. But times have changed, and people have changed.

With the internet spreading like wildfire these days and electronic media becoming more popular with every passing day, it comes as little or no surprise that newspaper reading trend has been replaced by online journals, editorials in newspapers have been replaced by blogging and social media has gained the new status of being the problem solver. Even the daily published newspapers are available in an e-form on the internet; no wonder that newspaper reading trend is becoming extinct. With people having easy access to all the information and general knowledge of the world through the world wide web, people rarely bother to open up a newspaper and read through it.

But the importance of newspaper reading cannot be neglected. It has been a part of every culture from the very beginning and should be preserved instead of being neglected. The importance of reading newspapers should be inculcated in the youth of today and restored in the senior citizens. Also, the elderly who still like to stick to their habit of newspaper reading should make sure that the next generation has the same set of values inculcated in it in order to preserve the habit of newspaper reading trend.

One advantage of having newspapers in flesh is that the news clippings or advertisements can be kept as a record. On the other hand there is no record of online information. Therefore, one should know that replacing newspaper reading with other mediums is not a good option as it will result in more harm than advantages. Even though people have switched to other means to gather information and keep up to date, there are people who still stick to the old means of reading newspapers and in doing so, are preserving the newspaper reading trend. So, it would suffice to say that newspaper reading trend cannot vanish from our lives, because still there are people who remain loyal to it.

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