Impact of Indian Dramas on Our Daily Life and Language

It is a known fact that Indian Drama Industry is losing its charm in Pakistan. Pakistani Drama Industry has given them a tough competition and successfully crossed the line of success that Indian Drama serials had set. Channels like, Ary, Geo, Hum tv have done a great job in order to promote Pakistani talent across the globe. Another important fact is that no matter how far we progress, the impact of Indian dramas is so strong that it will take a good amount of time to take it off. It is not a matter of weeks or months but years.
The impact of Indian dramas is evident in our attires even now. The trend of wearing heavy colorful jewelry is nothing else but the impact of Indian dramas. Intentionally or unintentionally Indian dramas have played a major role in distorting our Pakistani culture. Pakistan is a Muslim country but people have gained western and Indian culture due to modernization and westernization. It is through these Indian dramas that we are going away from our culture and tradition in a very subtle way.

The very examples are those of Sarhi, sleeveless dressing, short shirts, less use of cheddar, etc. On special occasions, ladies use to wear Indian culture for show off. Indian dramas affected women and children largely. These trends have nothing to do with our native Pakistani culture. The sad thing is we have stopped to differentiate between our culture and Indian culture which clearly is an impact of Indian dramas.

Indian dramas also have a major impact on our language. Our daily life language has faced a drastic change in a very subtle way under the impact of India dramas. How many times it happen to you that you try to think of a word and instead of that particular word you use hindi word as a replacement.

It is evident that by the time, we are losing command over our mother tongue because we are highly influenced by Indian dramas and the language used in it. We, as a society are so highly influenced by Indian festivals and celebrations that we are always eager to watch our favorite Indian drama on any particular occasion. In our weddings, the concept of dance floor on Mehandi function, which we consider very trendy, is basically the impact of Indian dramas.

It is never too late to shred off the façade of Indian traditions and values as an impact of Indian dramas and adopt one’s own. The impact of Indian dramas is definitely very strong but our culture and traditions possess enough strength to over turn any other invading culture.

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