Lahore is a city rich in culture and heritage but at the same time it is an extremely modern city which makes it even more appealing. There are so many places to visit and eat in Lahore. Lahore’s people are welcoming and the places in Lahore are to die for. There are many places to hangout in Lahore some are in doors and some are outdoors.

Coocko’s Den is a place located in the old city of Lahore which is right opposite to the famous Badshahi Mosque. The location defines the rich culture and heritage of Lahore and also the Mughal era. Continue reading…

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Like your face and over all body, your hair also needs your attention and hair care treatments. For a healthy, shiny, soft and bouncy hair, you need latest hair care treatment that is “hair spa”.

Hair spa is the best treatment to handle hair related problems like hair loss, breakage, split ends and dryness etc. Nowadays, almost every hair and style salon provides best hair spa services. Although it’s a long and time taking process but at the same time very necessary to bring your hair to a healthy condition. You can do hair spa treatment at your home also. But if you are going to do it for first time, then we recommend you to take services of a professional hair spa salon to get the full benefits of best hair spa.

Hair spa is a method of deep conditioning which locks your hair into great shine, silkiness and bounce. It also recover sensitive and itchy scalp. Continue reading…

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