Celebrate your Day 2 of Eid

Among the few festivals celebrated by the Muslims, Eid-ul-Adha is also one of the important and special events to be celebrated shortly in a few days time. This is also known as the Bakr-Eid for the Eid of sacrifice in the name of Al-Mighty. This year Eid-ul-Adha is expected to be celebrated on the day of 6th November 2011 after the Hajj is over.

Eid celebration of day 2 is more or less the same as of Day 1. Many people who are unable to get a butcher to get their animal be it sheep, cow or camel sacrificed, they tend to celebrate Eid the next day that is day 2. The sacrifice which is made my Muslims signifies the sacrifice which was initially made by Prophet Abraham.

Therefore, on Eid day 2, there is a lot of enthusiasm amongst the people as they enjoy every moment of Eid celebration. Muslims prefer wearing new and neat clothes on the day 2 of Eid since day 1 goes busy in the handling of meat to be distributed later on. The day 2 of Eid celebration is also begun by consuming something sweet such as Sheer Korma.

The meat which has been kept in storage now starts getting distributed on Day 2 of Eid. This is given out to friends, relatives, neighbors and especially poor and needy persons.  Muslims welcome one another on Eid by spending time with family members and near ones which will only spread love and happiness in the atmosphere.

Eid 2 celebrations mean people can plan out Bbq’s at their desired place that is their friends or relatives place to enjoy their share of sacrificed meat as well. Other than that, people prefer getting meat leg roast from the nearest butcher. The main point is to keep only one third of the sacrificed meat with you and give away the rest to the deserving individuals. Besides that, restaurants are open for people to enjoy this festival with friends and family. Eid celebration means spending quality time with everyone. Thus Eid day 2 will allow you to take time out and hang out with all those disconnected friends whom you do not get a chance to meet that often.

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