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etihad airways is the official airline for uae expo 2011 in pakistanKarachi: November 21, 2011 – Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has been appointed as the official airline for the “Magnificent 7- UAE EXPO 2011” in Karachi, from November 30 to December 2, 2011. Continue reading…

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Best Pakistani Beauty SalonsDepilex:

Depilex is known & best beauty salon of Pakistan. Gorgeous Massarat Misbah has given her precious 30years to grown up the Depilex. It’s her hard struggle that today Depilex has 25 branches in Pakistan and one in UAE. Depilex is also offering men’s salon.

Depilex Institutes of Creative Arts and Sciences is Pakistan’s largest beauty training institutes with internationally qualified and trained staff.

New Look:

New Look is another stunning salon of Pakistan. New Look’s specialty is, it is only the salon in Pakistan which is offering world popular Japanese gold, Crystal & Diamond and facials. New Look is also offering luxurious care line of DR. Renaud, directly from Paris to here. This best Pakistani beauty salon is now giving the services for bridal makeup in California for Persian, Afghan, Indian & Pakistani brides as well. Continue reading…

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Trendy Hats for this Winter SeasonWith the arrival of the winter season, everyone is looking for the most stylish outfits and accessories that will make you look gorgeous throughout the chilly weather. Choosing your outfit is not such a difficult task, but making sure that you get the perfect accessories to match your outfit is the trickiest part. Not only matching the accessories, but getting the most economical, stylish and comfortable accessories are the most difficult tasks. The latest winter accessories include trendy mufflers and scarves with funky colors, long boots, ear muffs, trendy shawls, sweaters and last but not the least hats. Hats fashion is increasing day by day and wearing hats has become a style statement too.

Hats are the most useful winter accessory, as they keep you safe and warm from the cold by adding to your style as well. Hats make the whole wintry look complete and hats fashion is sure to make you look gorgeous through the winters. Choosing the right kind of hats is quite a tricky thing as there is a variety of hats fashion trends to choose from. While getting your winter hats always keep in mind the shape of your face. Continue reading…

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Love for Horror MoviesEveryone has their own choice when it comes to movies. Some people simply love to watch horror movies. In the movie industry there is a huge range of horror movies that have been made. People who love horror movies like to watch them in a particular environment. The environment can be made scary before starting the movie. This way it can be a lot of fun. Continue reading…

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At the speed the television and internet are becoming popular amongst the youth and the senior citizens of this world, the time is not far when newspaper reading trend will cease to exist and people won’t pay any heed to newspaper reading at all. There was a time when newspaper reading was the only hobby people used to have. Reading 2-3 papers daily was a norm and not only that, reading every itty gritty detail of the newspaper was the standard that everybody followed. But times have changed, and people have changed. Continue reading…

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College life is all about exploring you, making friends, learning things about life, hanging out with friends, understanding relationships; it is like the journey from adolescent to adulthood. Friends are what college life revolves around, some friendships last a life time while others might fade out with time.

College life is full of adventure and energy; it is the time when you can wake up one morning, call your friends, make a plan and leave for the mountains without thinking about anything. Continue reading…

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Simple and easy life ideas and experts’ living ideas can bring positive changes in your life. It’s not the money you need to have to solve a financial problem, it’s not violence you must do to resolve a conflict, and it’s not drugs that you must do to get rid of all your worries.

It’s your will, the spirit to bring positive change that will make your life better. You can follow certain rules, and smart living ideas for a painless and less stressed out life. Some of the most commonly exercised living ideas are mentioned below: Continue reading…

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Hair pins save the day whether it is a bad hair day and you want to pull your hair or if you want to add style to your hair, either way hair pins is the solution. Hair pins add a style and a sense of sophistication among women and girls. Hair pins are of so many types such as bobby pins and barrettes that you can use according to your hair type and hair style.

Almost of the hair style include the use of hair pins. There are many specific hair pins allocated for specific hair styles for example if you are making a bun then there are these hair looms with flowers of diamantes on the tips of them, the pins go in the hair but the flower or the crystals show.
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It is a known fact that Indian Drama Industry is losing its charm in Pakistan. Pakistani Drama Industry has given them a tough competition and successfully crossed the line of success that Indian Drama serials had set. Channels like, Ary, Geo, Hum tv have done a great job in order to promote Pakistani talent across the globe. Another important fact is that no matter how far we progress, the impact of Indian dramas is so strong that it will take a good amount of time to take it off. It is not a matter of weeks or months but years. Continue reading…

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Lahore is a city rich in culture and heritage but at the same time it is an extremely modern city which makes it even more appealing. There are so many places to visit and eat in Lahore. Lahore’s people are welcoming and the places in Lahore are to die for. There are many places to hangout in Lahore some are in doors and some are outdoors.

Coocko’s Den is a place located in the old city of Lahore which is right opposite to the famous Badshahi Mosque. The location defines the rich culture and heritage of Lahore and also the Mughal era. Continue reading…

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