Trend of Gajra for Weddings

Wedding trends have changed overtime. They are no more the traditional weddings where the girl and boy had no interaction before marriage and therefore, every arrangement was done by the family. The latest wedding trend depicts that the couples follow DIY (do it yourself) wedding tradition. They can customize their weddings by saving money and enjoying it completely.

The latest summer weddings trends tells us that the wedding dresses should be vintage and retro-inspired with a new bend. We will get to see the beautiful textured clothes made with cap sleeves. People prefer natural but air conditioned settings in the summer weddings where they can enjoy wearing makeup and exquisite accessories. Wedding is all about photo booths customized with actual and set areas along with draped-cloth backdrop. This is extremely important when talking about wedding trends because couples need to cherish memories later on by making sure that every moment is captured best on their wedding day.

Now comes the most important and attractive part of the wedding that is beautifying the hair with flowers and hands with patterned designs. Summer flavours should be used these days and flowers are the best option to make your wedding look like a summer one. Gajra is traditional Pakistani garland which is used in many ways possible.

Through innovative ideas, a bunch of white flowers of moderate length goes best if planning to wear a sari on any summer wedding. Other than that, hands can be made extremely attractive with the usage of various kinds of Hennas.  Bridal henna should be applied three days before the actual wedding so that the color comes out to be deep and long-lasting. Hennas often were used on the hands, arms and feet. Latest wedding trends show that hennas are even applied on the side belly so that it’s visible while women wear saris. Brides usually choose floral or geometric patterns for their hennas or prefer to get their husband’s initials in one of the hands.

Beyond white wedding tire cakes, latest summer weddings should go for something unique like cupcakes on the wedding. Various flavours can be used in them varying from chocolate cupcakes for little children to strawberry shortcake for the elders. Thus, make your wedding remember able event by setting new traditions for everyone who wants to be a part of it.

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