How to Respect Yourself

how to respect yourselfIt is not only charity that begins at home but every thing that we expect from others, we must demonstrate it to them by doing it ourselves. Respect is one of the fundamentals of compassion and humanity. Do not seek respect from the world only instead give respect to your own self. Respect can not be demanded forcefully but won through fine behavior and conduct.

Respect is not only limited to apparent courteous gestures but it has a very profound meaning. It has a strong impact on your emotional health. In order to protect yourself from the nightmarish life when people will not respect you, you need to realize the significance of respect in your life by respecting your own self.

Think about what it means to respect someone. Consider the reasons why would you respect someone and then make yourself respectable. In order to respect yourself, you need to fulfill very basic responsibilities that you have towards your own self. Take care of your psychological, emotional and physical health. In order to maintain your psychological health, avoid useless stress, instead sort out the issue. Do not let down yourself by going against your code of conduct. Have a constant check on your anger and affections, as excess of any of these can let you down. Evasion from moral path can also lead you towards disrespectfulness.

Spend some time with yourself so that you get to know yourself better. It is one of the foremost things, to know one’s own self better. Automatically, you shall have an idea what are your responsibilities towards your own self. It is your duty to take care of your body. Respect your body and take care of it. Do some exercises regularly, keep your body neat and clean as it would help you to maintain your physical health. Take care of your wardrobe as much as your pocket allows you. Your clothes should not be expensive necessarily but neat and tidy.

The next important thing after gaining respect for yourself is to appear respectable to the world. Never give a chance to the world to laugh at you. Do not let your emotions over flow as it might provide a chance for the people around you to take advantage of it and step on you. Do not let even your near and dear ones maltreat you in any way. You have to build a dignified impression of yourself for the world. It does not mean that you have to suppress your desires and can not have fun. Instead it is your foremost duty to fulfill your dreams and have a life that you deserve. Value life and it shall value your aspirations.

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