Charismatic Traditional Jhumkas

Charismatic Traditional JhumkasJewelry is one of the foremost fascinations for any woman. Preferences for accessories may differ but jewelry certainly is considered one of the essentials of female life. Some are in love with rings; some feel incomplete without ear accessories or bracelets. Delicate anklets have also become trendy. One fashion accessory, which is the heart throb of every lady without any limitations of age, is traditional jhumkas. The intricately designed silver jhumkas are simply irresistible. No matter how much fashion industry may evolve but the charm and attraction of charismatic traditional jhumkas will never fade.

Traditional jhumkas go remarkably well with a large range of formal dresses. Whether you opt for churi pajama, any kind of lehanga or even anarkali frocks, fascinating traditional jhumkas will boost your magnificence and adds sparkling, eastern essence to your personality. There is a large range of colors and designs in traditional jhumkas but silver traditional jhumkas are always in vogue and they look perfectly well with almost every kind and color of dress.

Interesting fact about traditional jhumkas is that, different shapes affect your appearance in special ways. Big, circular shaped traditional jhumkas make your cheeks look chubby. Where as dangling jhumkas, with a small circular shape and longer in length enhance the look of your neck.

Traditional jhumkas are usually regarded as formal accessories. Since jhumkas are bit weighty that is why these can not be worn casually or for longer period of time. In order to solve the problem of their weight, light weight jhumkas are also available in the market but somehow I have realized that these light weight jhumkas appear to be imitation of the original traditional jhumkas. They lack the charisma and allure of the traditional jhumkas. Hence, instead of adorning yourself with the light weight jhumkas often, it is better to wear the traditional jhumkas occasionally. Few things should be reserved for special occasions such as the exquisite traditional jhumkas.

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