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Living in the times that we are; where every waking moment is gripped by apprehension and despair seizes every person on the switch of television, any little change is welcome. The constant suicide bombings, the indefinite price hikes of different commodities every other day, the never ending load shedding; all these factors have given less or nothing for the common man to look forward to and hope for. But even in these astringent times, the light at the end of the tunnel remains. There are industries and people in this country who still strive to maintain a positive, constructive and encouraging image of Pakistan alive.

One such industry is the fashion industry, which despite all the gloom and despair spreading over the people of Pakistan, still aims at promoting a progressive representation of the country. Despite the constant backlash in the international community regarding our homeland, the fashion industry still strives to promote our culture and our genuineness through international fashion shows and other forums. Continue reading…

Comments (0) Posted by Mishal on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011