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Pakistani Bridal Wedding Dresses At a wedding in our country, there is no greater hype than the bride’s wedding dress. It would be adequate to say that most people turn up for the wedding for two reasons only; the free food and the bridal wear. Four out of five weddings that I recently attended, I didn’t know the people at all and was just a random guest. I went nonetheless because I wanted to see how the bride looks like in her wedding dress. Hearing random aunties ogle the bride up and praising her on her bridal wear is a treat in itself, regardless of the fact whether you know the bride or not.

Shades of red are the norm of Pakistani wedding dresses. Every bride wishes to have the color red as her bridal wear with slight variations of the color maroon or deep red. The traditional color red on the bride looks radiant and vivacious. Where most Pakistani brides go for the darker shades of red on their baraat as their wedding dress, lighter colors and pastels for bridal wear are considered appropriate for the walima. Continue reading…

Comments (0) Posted by Mishal on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011