Pakistani Bridal DressesIt is a great pride for Pakistani fashion to get attention on the international platform which it has started to gather right after holding the first ever Pakistani Bridal Couture week.

Pakistani bridal dresses are most popular on the international level in projecting the rich tradition and culture of Pakistan with a ting of modernity, poise and grace.

There are many designers for Pakistani bridal dresses that deal solely with the making and creation of exquisite Pakistani bridal dresses. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) is the king of Pakistani fashion who tops the designers with his ultimate Pakistani bridal dresses. Other major designers of Pakistani bridal dresses include; Karma, Mehdi, Taufiq Hussain, Bunto Kazmi and Fahad Hussayn.

Most of the Pakistani bridal dresses are inspired by the all time favorite and classy Mughal or Maharajah look that brings in a lot of royalty for the bride on her special day. Heavy embellishments, rich colors, fine textures, classy motifs and a lot more are part of perfect Pakistani bridal dresses. Mostly, the color for the Baraat (the main wedding day) for the Pakistani bridal dresses is red. Different shades of red are selected according to a bride’s preference for making different Pakistani bridal dresses and they are mixed and matched with other colors like green and purple in particular. Continue reading…

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