Fusion of Trend and Traditions in Latest Fashion Trends 2011Fusion of trends and tradition in the latest fashion trends 2011 will put your closet to work for you.

2011 is the era where trend meets traditions. This year fashion is all about the designs with the use of trendy, traditional, fresh and flattering material. This amazing fusion of trends and traditions will bring fashion clothes for you that will put your closet to work for you.

It’s time to be trendy as well as traditional. Being in a country where almost nine months a year it is extremely hot, the ladies need to device ways of adapting to the weather as well as to the fashion trends. The best way of going with the fashion statement is by fusing it with your personalized fashion. Since Pakistani fashion needs to incorporate the customs of the region, the ladies need to be careful when they adapt a fashion. To be trendy don’t forget your roots girls.

It is amazing when a Pakistani girl pairs up a beautiful kurta with a pair of jeans. All over the world this fashion trend is followed now. Our version of pumps is the very traditional khusas it’s about time the girls get their hands on the simple and plain beautifully coloured khusas which they can wear with eastern or western outfit.

Fashion is not dictated it is all about individuality. The amazing fusion of traditionally bright colours with the eastern trendy cuts makes an amazing outfit to be worn formally, semi-formally or casually. Continue reading…

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