Does Veena Malik deserve to be evicted out of Big Boss?

Imbued with different colors of different people, drawing-room politics and juicy sparks of gossip sessions, Big Boss is meant to entertain people, where different contestants apart from living together entertain audience with their specialties. Whenever it starts to get monotonous and boring, the mysteriously savvy Mr. Big Boss sends in some sparks of life to keep the audience interested. But what will happen if the raunchy divalicious Veena Malik, who is nominated this week along with Sara Khan and Sameer Soni, gets out of the house?

The first thing to follow the eviction of Veena Malik would be the loss of audience from Pakistan as many Pakistani people watch Big Boss solely because of Veena Malik, they are more interested in knowing what she is doing over there rather than Big Boss itself.

Veena Malik in her vivacious journey in the house of Big Boss has remained one gossip-less girl, though flirtatious and a little kinky yet sweet natured and caring, but don’t you think, she has been a real entertainer provider with her high heels and cuddling sessions. You may speak a thousand words against her but you can’t deny the fact that she kindles that flame of passion, romance and vibrancy inside the politically-loaded house of Big Boss.

All this time she has been very caring towards Sara Khan, whom she calls her little sister, and Ashmit Patel. Sara Khan, on the other hand has nominated her two times. Veena Malik, with all her mellowness, care and especially her spicy entertaining sessions, does she deserve to be evicted this week? The captain of the house Miss Dolly Bindra is with her but are you too?

Rishant Goswami was one person who really made me sad while going out and now If Veena Malik leaves the Big Boss’ house; it will become another white-house full of political crap without that spark of romance and zest.

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