Pakistan has been struck by the worst flooding in its recorded history. Millions of people have been impacted, critical infrastructure has been damaged and clean water is in short supply. The entire world is gathering on one platform of humanity to help the victims of the terrible natural disaster.

In UN General Assembly special meeting session, 73 member countries have assured collectively US $816 million aid for flood relief operation in Pakistan.

Moreover, the Netherlands’ public and private broadcasters are teaming up on August 26, 2010 for a nationwide fund collecting day. All radio and TV stations will call on listeners to donate money through the national Giro Bank account, 555. Continue reading…

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Had anyone asked the same question two decades ago, the instant response to it would have been a cynic “No”. Fashion shows were previously considered demeaning according to the local traditions. The origination of native fashion shows took place from informal clothing display by rare boutiques on college functions. For instance, “Generation” was one of the first ones to launch their seasonal clothing line through a fashion display at Kinnaird College Annual Dinner in 1980’s.

Through the course of time, the fashion scene in Pakistan has evolved – so did the fashion awareness. Previously, the theme of fashionable clothes and accessories was confined to the privileged class only. Fashion was considered a luxury of elite. Thankfully, this perception has been largely modified as fashion shows brought the sense of style to masses. Continue reading…

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