When it comes to jewellery, Indo Pak subcontinent has witnessed the beauty of woman in many ways. Popularly known as anklets, payal, or paazaib is worn around the ankle and it also reflects our culture. It is an important part of our formal wear and available in different colours, styles and sizes.

Anklets are an important part of ornamentation and also carries important social significance. Anklets form a must part of Pakistani jewellery. From beaded to highly ornamental ones, you will find anklet jewellery in various formats. Young girls and newly wedded brides love to wear it on all occasions. Mostly, Pakistani married women prefer to wear payal made of silver, as the gold one carries a bad omen but can be worn at any other time.

The jangle of this jewellery carries soft musical sounds which are associated with romantic and traditional roots. Lollywood and Bollywood movies are filled with heroines dancing and showing their heavily decorated anklets in style and hero getting crazy just by the lovely sound of it. This Pakistani jewellery has inspired women authentically and compliment a woman’s feet. Continue reading…

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