For every Pakistan girl, diamond is her best friend. So check out the latest fashion gadget, Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring which is a representative of true love, has a brilliant jewel and strong enough to cut glass. This is a perfect Pakistani gift for one truly unique person that you love and cherish for a lifetime.

No matter how many diamond rings you may have seen, be prepared to be dazzled. When you view the exquisite selection of diamonds in Pakistani specially designed titanium tension setting and feel the lightness of the ring on your finger, you will see why a titanium setting is fast becoming the preferred choice of Pakistani couples who are planning their Pakistani wedding; more than platinum or gold. This beautiful Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring is affordable bridal jewellery which starts with this 14k White gold Engagement ring.

Each 14k white gold band of the fashion gadget comes with 9 carrot set on the sides with a choice of .10, .15 or .20 ct diamond center-stone. Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring is also available in yellow gold ring with white gold prongs in Pakistan.


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