Recently, West has started to follow the trend of nose rings, though this fashion trend has existed for many centuries in different areas of the world, the trend continues to be variant, inspirational and stylish for Pakistani ladies.

The concept of nose rings started during the Moghul era around the 16th century. The nose studs in the beginning were small, flat ornamental flowers that women wore in place by a screw on the inside of the nostril.

Today in Pakistan, the trend of nose ring is largely dependent on the area of the nose where the nose rings will be worn. Circular barbells, also known as nath, are also worn on weddings. Many women have their nose rings around the age of 16 which is traditionally the marriageable age even though today unmarried women and even young girls in Pakistan may also wear nose rings. Continue reading…

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Broadly speaking dreams can be seen in two perspectives; as a hard scientific reality and in the form of a flowery world of fantasy. Scientifically there is no element of romance related to the dreams, while they have a significant role to play in the world of fantasy, with passion and imagination ruling the roost.

The eastern poets, for ages, have lived in a world of fantasy and based their writings on imagination. They may have been terminally old, pitifully haggard, woefully weird and what not, but their write ups reflect their young, emotionally charged inner self, mirroring their unfulfilled dreams, in their poetry.

Factually speaking it is the dreamers who have made this world a better place to live in. All big men and achievers have been great dreamers, their dreams being an index to their greatness. These dreamers are not bothered by the night fall. They find their way by the moonlight, creating an enviable future. We are not born by choice, we do not choose our parents or the country of our birth, nor we control the mode and time of our death but we can choose our dreams and make them come true. Every dream precedes a goal or, perhaps, a goal is a dream with a deadline. Continue reading…

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Fashion is not just a way of being state-of-the-art with style and vogue. It has a lot to do with voguish élan and taste.

If we generally talk about fashion, some lavishing style of attire, shoes, jewellery and other accessories come in our mind. Latest trends adopted by people termed as a way of being stylish.

Well, to adopt new chic of the vogue is not something important in this epoch of style but one should keep in mind that it’s not necessary that all the things in new fashion would go well with us. One must consider his/her physique in mind before adopting any latest fashion.

If dyed hairs are a bookmark of latest trend, you didn’t need to adopt it if your hair is sensitive or it doesn’t bode well to you. You can move with the newest styles of the society by adopting some trends and managing it with your personal outlook. Continue reading…

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Men fashion takes a new twist as a white shirt takes a hike to an all white outfit.

At quite a few times in a man’s life a man reaches a phase when he is completely satisfied with his series of vigilantly selected fashion clothing in the wardrobe. In there are fashion sneakers, fashion brogues, fashion loafers and fashion shoes for all probable fashion conscious occasions, and hovering higher than them are shirts in the man’s preferred fashion colours, dark fashion jeans, light fashion jeans and even track suit bottoms for laid-back Sundays. All of which fit him to precision but leave void rumbling in the bedroom which follows fashion by deficiency of worldly cravings. We basically have all the fashion clothes we would like and require not anything more and not anything less.

On the other hand, in the fashion cabinet, to the distant left, is an unoccupied inexpressive hanger sagging, waiting to be stroked by the shoulders of a delicate fashion jacket. Out of the ordinary and remarkable fashion things are frequently forced on us when we permit ourselves to turn out to be fatalities of spontaneous fashion shopping on days when we go for an innocent glance through our favorite shops. Check- in to department stores for fashion retail therapy, fashion luxury brands do a perfect job putting a display of fashion products that will immediately infatuate us. White is the trendy color men need to be shopping in, if fashion is what you looking for.

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This summer Mehrbano Sethi, Creator Luscious Cosmetics, brings to Pakistan an original Luscious Cosmetics innovation, Lip Couture, which provides the full colour coverage of a lipstick and the shine of a lip gloss! With extra mirror shine and moisture to hydrate and smooth the driest lips, it’s couture for your lips. Inspired by the world of high fashion, Lip Couture comes in seven stylish shades; Muse, Fashionista, Celebrity, Showstopper, Paparazzi, En Vogue and Scandal.

Mehrbano Sethi, Creator Luscious Cosmetics says, “Luscious Lip Couture endeavours to be the most gorgeous, vibrant liquid lip lacquer – I’ve been working on the formula for the past few months; the concept behind Lip Couture is intensely pigmented lip colour, something extraordinary that delivers vibrant colour without diluting it. This is rarely possible in solid lipstick formulas. I encourage ladies to go glamourous this summer with Lip Couture”. Continue reading…

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Hair styles make a statement not only with your fashion sense but also with your personality. Make sure your hair style reflects who you are.

Have you yet speculated what your hair style says in relation to you? You can tell a lot by the hair style. If you are more traditional you will favor neat and tidy hair styles, for a more theatrical person, neat and tidy hair style will be way too dull for you and you will prefer much more daring hair style. If you are a natural person, your hair styles will be hassle-free. Our hair styles are a pretty fine signal of who we are as people; how we present ourselves to the world and the type of lifestyle we live is evident from hair styles. As with the rest of our representation, our hair styles are an imperative part of our non-verbal communication.

When it comes to the accurate hair style for you, pursue what works for your face shape and personality. There is no point having a theatrical hair style and colour if you will not be at ease with it. You take your hair style with you all over the place as you go so you want your hair style to make you sense magnificence and be a good representation of you. A remarkable hair style can go a long way in growing your self-assurance and self regard. Continue reading…

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For every Pakistan girl, diamond is her best friend. So check out the latest fashion gadget, Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring which is a representative of true love, has a brilliant jewel and strong enough to cut glass. This is a perfect Pakistani gift for one truly unique person that you love and cherish for a lifetime.

No matter how many diamond rings you may have seen, be prepared to be dazzled. When you view the exquisite selection of diamonds in Pakistani specially designed titanium tension setting and feel the lightness of the ring on your finger, you will see why a titanium setting is fast becoming the preferred choice of Pakistani couples who are planning their Pakistani wedding; more than platinum or gold. This beautiful Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring is affordable bridal jewellery which starts with this 14k White gold Engagement ring. Continue reading…

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