women usually only love Eid for they get the reason to make new clothes which are in fashion and which make them look nothing less than a queen. Clothes are not only an attraction for women but also for children as they get to choose clothes they love and then show them off to their cousins and friends on Eid. Eid is indeed a special day for everyone.

The best look is often not the result of only the hard work but also the attire and presentation that adds up to it the color that will assure the look you want to achieve on Eid. So dress plays a very important role on Eid. While there are no hard-and-fast rules of fashion in Pakistan, most style authorities agree on a few basic principles. They hold true, no matter how cheap and tacky your dress is for Eid.

So, when you are shopping for new Eid dress for yourself or thinking of truly unique dresses then Liberty, Pakistan is the place. In Pakistan the dresses come in many different styles from simple to elaborate, to suit many tastes. For Eid Pakistan is full of places where you can buy dresses which help you looking the best on this Eid. Dresses with a lot of embroidery are very in fashion in Pakistan and shirts which are long enough to touch your ankles are also the hype in Pakistan. So this Eid try to focus on such dresses.

These are Eid dresses that you will reach for day after day long after Eid is past. These are Eid dresses that you will dress up for parties and dress down for work or school. These are Eid dresses that will really set you apart on the Eid day in Pakistan.

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Everyone knows the keys to losing weight: Eat less and exercise more but knowing is not enough. Sounds simple enough, but in the context of real life and its demands, it can be anything but simple to weight loss. To lose weight in a healthy way, we must control calorific intake and increase the amount of calories burned with some form of exercise so the weight loss is permanent. Regardless of the eating plan component of your weight-loss program, the following tips will help you accomplish your goals of healthy weight-loss and weight maintenance instead of starving yourself thin:

  • Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages for weight loss.
  • Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away as in weight loss it is not healthy to starve.
  • Consider whether you’re really hungry before eating.
  • Be choosy about night time snacks. Don’t eat right before going to bed as it is unhealthy.
  • Eat less but more often so weight loss is easy.
  • Brush your teeth early so you stay away from food.
  • Eat vegetables before the main course so you eat less
  • Shop with calories in mind so you are aware of what you eat.
  • Reduce the amount of breads, chips, crackers, and salty snacks you eat for weight loss.
  • Never crash diet to lose weight as it will only make you unhealthy
  • Best weight loss plan: substitute food items instead of eliminating them
  • Gradual changes in lifestyle are best for losing weight

You may think just shedding extra pounds would be satisfying. Of course it would be nice to fit into smaller clothes and be able to jog without running out of breath. But if you want to lose weight for the incorrect reasons, like many others before you, there’s a good chance that either your diet will fall short or that you will put weight back on after your diet is over.

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There are no boundaries to get your desired education, in this fast era of science and technology. World is rapidly becoming a global village, so it’s quite easy now to go to some other country for getting education.

Like some other developed countries, London is also becoming a good platform of getting standard education. Education in London is a dream of many students throughout the world. Several London colleges and London Universities are offering quality based education to the students. Most of the London colleges and London Universities have introduced education regarding to latest fields, in the areas of Life science, Art, Media and Design, Applied Social Sciences, Psychology, Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan Business School etc.

One of the renowned platforms of getting education in London is the London Metropolitan University. London Metropolitan University was established on 1st of August, 2002; with the union of two other universities, London Guildhall University and the University of North London. London Metropolitan University is the London’s largest single university and has buildings broaden all over the centre of London.

The London Metropolitan University is situated in the inner London and has two major beautiful campuses. One campus of the London Metropolitan University is in the City of London and the other campus is in Islington, North London, which is next to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. The huge set-up of London Metropolitan University is like having a world in itself. London Metropolitan University manages its own archives, a set-up of libraries and a museum too. Two different types of libraries are working together inside the London Metropolitan University. One is The Women’s Library, which holds the material/archives of the Fawcett Society, and the material about the history of feminism. The other one TUC library holds the collected work of the Irish Studies and The Frederick Parker Collections. There are more than 34,000 students getting quality education from the London Metropolitan University. There are almost 8,000 overseas students from more than 155 different countries learning their desired subjects from the London Metropolitan University. In 2005/06, London Metropolitan University was positioned as the third most admired university in the United Kingdom for international students. Besides United Kingdom, London Metropolitan University proudly maintains international offices as well, like in Bangladesh, India, Belgium, Nigeria, Cuba, China, and Pakistan.

Since it’s launched, the London Metropolitan University is continuously moving tremendously on the road of success. In October 2006, the London Metropolitan University UK offered a new Science Center, in its science department of North London campus, with the investment of £30m. The Science Center of the London Metropolitan University has a “Super Lab” and is considered as one of the Europe’s progressed science lab with the teaching facilities of 280 workstations prepared with digital audio visual interactive equipment. London Metropolitan University also offers Scholarships to their deserving students.

The London Metropolitan University is offering about 485 degree courses; which is the biggest selection of courses in London.

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Pakistani Fashion Industry has achieved a well-reputed place among the leading Style & Fashion Industries of the world. There are certain motivation & dedication of many Fashion promoters, behind the success of the Pakistani Fashion industry.

Recently Pakistani Fashion industry has proudly produced a fashion affair named, Pakistan Fashion week 2009. This Fashion event was held in the city of lights, Karachi; so also termed as Karachi Fashion week. The duration of the Pakistan Fashion week was 4-7 November, 2009 and approximately 32 designers from all over the Pakistan participated the Pakistan Fashion week. In this way all the designers have got the chance through Pakistan Fashion week to showcase their designed work at national level.

Many Fashion celebrities, Fashion lovers & followers have appreciated the Pakistan Fashion week 2009, a lot. Among other interesting things about the Fashion affair, one was the soothing & romantic environment, venue of the Karachi Pakistan Fashion week. Furthermore, the most admirable thing of the Pakistan Fashion week 2009 was, the clothes, and the fabric & material used to prepare them, the designers who designed them, and the models, all were true Pakistani.

Pakistan Fashion week offered an opportunity to the designers, not only to showcase their designed work and to promote their labels but also through Pakistan Fashion week designers got the chance to expand their market value. The ready-to-wear and bridal lines of the designers in Pakistan Fashion week were highly appreciated in the country’s largest fashion event. The four-day event of the Pakistan Fashion week was consist of 16 ramp shows, exhibition stalls by different designers, and business seminars too.

Many renowned designers presented their designed formal & casual outfits, bridal wear, party wear, western wear, jackets, and accessories etc, in the Pakistan Fashion week. Some renowned designers included Rezwan Beyg, Deepak Parwani, Maheen Khan etc, have showcased their work. Besides senior designers, some emerging designers avail this golden opportunity of presenting themselves in front of the Pakistan Fashion celebrities.

Besides some other remarkable advantages, Pakistan Fashion week also proved as one of the light and entertaining events for the nation, these days; when the air is dangerously threatening the people with any sudden bad news at any time. Although, because of the security concerns, Pakistan Fashion week had to be postponed two times and then arranged on the replaced venue; as life has to move on.

The Karachi Fashion week was started by following the respect of ‘Woman first’ as Sonya Battla, a Pakistani Fashion designer commenced the Pakistan Fashion week. Her collection was like a tribute the mixed cultured women. Then the Feeha Jamshed’s khaki (Army’s dress) colored outfits amazed the audience of the Pakistan Fashion week. Ismail Farid’s comprehensive collection of monochrome martial in the Pakistan Fashion week was acknowledging the Pakistan’s army soldiers who devoted their lives in the war against terrorism.

Almost all the Fashion assortment of the designers in the Pakistan Fashion week 2009 was representing the ‘Gesture of Defiance to the Taliban’, in a true sense.

In this way, Pakistan Fashion week 2009 presented the positive image and conveyed a good message to the whole world.

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Winter gives relief from the summer heat. But there is more good news then just that. It is time to dry fruits. Finally!

Winter brings flu and cold but it brings the opportunity to enjoy dry fruits. Winter afternoon bundled up in your sweater with your pockets full of dry fruits is a favorite winter memory.

Dry fruits are not just the yummiest part of winters but they are also a great source of energy. It is traditional to associate dry fruits with winters; that doesn’t mean dry fruits can’t be eaten in any other season thanwinter.However in any other season you have to watch your dry fruit dosage.

Dry fruits are very rich source of essential nutrients. Dry fruits have minerals, enzymes, and vitamins. Dry fruits also have strong medical qualities. Dry fruits should be eaten in rational amounts. Just because dry fruits are in size not so big their essence makes up for it.

A diet rich in dry fruits helps fulfill natural nutritional needs. Hence they help stay healthy and beautiful; also energetic and youthful.

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