What should be in your Beauty Box?

This is one of the most interesting but difficult questions of the world that what should keep and what should not in the beauty box, particularly while going out of your house?

This question becomes difficult with the change of weather, particularly sudden change in the weather force you to add or to take away some of the beauty products out of your beauty box. Every season has its own body and skin care requirements, so we should keep our self protected with the environmental hazards. Undoubtedly, using healthy make-up products helps in this regard, no matter, much or to some extent.

Almost all the ladies keeps something in their bag to give them fresh look, whenever they want; we will also help you out in this scenario, to more beautify you. Some basic cosmetics that you should keep within you include:

. A good nourishing lotion, in dry season, to keep you fresh and give your skin a deep & gentle moisturizer. Similarly, a standard cream with sun screen or simply a sun block with or above SPF 15 in summer season, to protect you from the ultra violet sun rays. SPF 15 lasts for at least 150 minutes or 2 and a half hour.

. An Antiperspirant or a body spray to get rid of the bad smell of perspiration and to feel fresh all the time.

. Always prefer to keep a fruity and chill lip balm of your own choice, to keep your lips moist and to give them a soft and charming look.

. Don’t forget to take a Bronzing powder, if you want to refresh your tidy look, whenever and wherever you want.

.  A hair brush to reset your hair after some course of time.

. A nail file, especially if you are more conscious about the maintenance of your nails.

. Last but not least, a Kajal, mascara or eyeliner, you can have any one of your favorite eye make-up product, to keep your eyes lively in the real sense.

So ladies, these are some of the essentials, you must carry within your beauty bag, while going out.

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