Ramadan Drinks

In Ramadan there is worship to be done with abstinence from food. In Ramadan the body loses liquids. In order to not get dehydrated during Ramadan, people should drink more after Iftaar. For Ramadan there are some special kinds of drinks that are very popular in Iftaar. Drinks in Ramadan have become part of the Iftaar’s traditions. When Ramadan arrives, drinks get experimented with. In Ramadan lots of out of ordinary drinks become common at Iftaar. These drinks are sold on the streets during Ramadan and also being served on Ramadan dining tables.

Most of us drink two glasses of any drink handy at Iftaar, usually before even eating anything else at Iftaar. That drink is just to quench our thirst instantly. Here is a Ramadan drink that will rejuvenate you and nourish too.

Put 7-up, and lemon juice into a 64 ounce container. Slice a lemon, add, then almost-fill with sweet and sour mix. Add sugar and a touch of grenadine, and shake well. And enjoy your refreshing Ramadan drink at Iftaar.

Ramadan is time to be very careful with your liquids; drink the right drink that fulfills your liquid needs.

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