Healthy figure with little effort-Part II

Well people, in our first part, we have told you that how can you maintain your figure healthy & smart, through your diet. Hope you got maximum benefits out of it.

We are giving you the remaining the part bit late, because of the arrival of Ramadan; but we hope that you have enjoyed our Ramadan Diet Plan. Coming back towards our topic under consideration, there are many ways to get a healthy & active figure, other than controlled diet, you can have check & balance on some other aspects of your routine as well.

The most common way to stay healthy is to do exercise, if not daily then at least 4-5 days in a week; almost everybody know this fact, but only few take it seriously. Other then exercise, a 30 minute daily walk or three brisk 10 minutes walks would be helpful to you, not only in keeping you smart but it also decreases the risk of many heart diseases, reduces cholesterol & blood pressure. It also aids you in maintaining balanced blood sugar. Moreover, another useful thing to remember during walk is, taking small steps would be accommodating.

Other than this, deep breathing, at least twice-trice in a day is also necessary to stay active.

Sleep properly; better sleep according to the requirement of your age is one of the very important steps in keeping you robust. So don’t discount it as well.

Last but not least, Express yourself; do not ignore this fact ever that your feeling & emotions needs expression. No matter positive or negative, but sentiments want to get out of you in any way; so always treat them with care.

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