Doing proper Make-up is not less than making a good sculpture. Make-up is an artistic way to enhance beauty; particularly light/soft make-up improves your natural beauty.

In order to do the nice make-up first of all it is very necessary to know about the maintenance of face features. Currently there are plenty of ways for a perfect make-up; both scientific & artistic. One should know both, for having command on neat make-up art. Other then this you should have knowledge about the make-up cosmetics; as make-up cosmetics or beauty products plays essential role in beautifying you. Do not forget to read the ingredients or other essential information on the make-up products, while buying them. If you are good in selecting/judging quality make-up products then its mean you have won half of the course.

Besides all these precautions, another important point to remember is to select the make-up product according to your environment & atmosphere. Because your skin gets the effects from the environment, so it’s vital to choose the make-up product, which suits your skin and complexion. People with the dry skin should use oil base products and those who have got the oily skin should prefer water base products. The lucky ones with the normal skin type are preferably recommended to use the water base make-up products. Especially for summer make-up most of the beauticians suggest to use water base make-up product, not the oil base.

Also apply the make-up according to your dress, occasion and age particularly; like you can hide your age with the artistic make-up and look younger, similarly heavy make-up will give you older look. So be careful and keep this thing in your mind while applying make-up. There must be difference in day & night time make-up.

By keeping in mind all these essential points, you can be a good make-up artist.

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Mostly Pakistani designers use their brilliance designing in bridal wear and wedding outfits. weddings is a onetime experience for a lifetime and designers are aware that people prefer to choose wedding outfits which look best for this joyful occasion. Designers create wedding outfits in traditional styles, which vividly emit glorious cultural and Eastern values.

Designing Bridal wear and wedding outfits is one fashion line which never goes out of scene. Designers merge their imaginative sense in wedding outfits in a way to doll up the brides in stunning wedding outfits designed in perfect features to accentuate their beauty.

Colors of wedding outfits are somewhat preset, people prefer it that way. Using in the limited range of colors – from peach all the way to red – wedding outfits are designed gloriously to fit the feminine curves.

Wedding outfits normally include lehengas, churidaars, and ghagras. Wedding outfits are designed with fine detailing using zardosi, dabka, kundun work, resham embroidery, sequins work, muquash embroidery and swarovski crystals. Fabrics used for wedding outfits include chiffons, jamawaars, silk and banarasi in zarri weaving.

Nickie and Nina, HSY, Karma, Maria B and many others design wedding outfits in the most elegant and celestial manner. Wedding outfits are designed for the reason of their sheer popularity and demand.
Wedding outfits are slightly altered in styles, yet the basic style remains the same. Designers pay more attention to the designing details in wedding outfits, retaining the basic traditional style spirit and demand of their clients.
Wedding outfits are the most popular fashion wear in Pakistan. Wedding outfits are designed, keeping in view the desires and emotions of a bride.

Asian bridal dresses and wedding outfits are globally popular owing to their intricate designing, heavy embellishments, vibrant colors and elegant flowing styles, making a woman resemble a deity.

Indian and Pakistani wedding outfits are a sheer enchantment and mesmerize anyone who lays eyes on them. The sparkling traditional work and glittering details in the wedding outfits entraps you in a trance.

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You must have heard that weddings are planned on heaven but celebrated on earth. There are many interesting & different ways to celebrate weddings joyfully. Every country or culture has its own style/tradition to celebrate weddings and engagements; according to their norms and values.

Like many other things, engagement and wedding rings plays really very beautiful role in making the relation more memorable & romantic between the two love birds. The tradition of engagement and wedding rings is not new in most of the cultures. Engagement and wedding rings have their own significance in binding two people in the new relation. Engagement and wedding rings remind the importance of that person, entered in your life, in other words they keep that person close to you in the form of engagement and wedding rings.

Engagement and wedding rings are not restricted for the women; men are also a part of this celebration equally, to have their ideal engagement and wedding rings. In this way both of them can share the same feelings through this delicate jewelry; engagement and wedding rings.

There are many types of engagement and wedding rings, like gold engagement and wedding rings, white gold engagement and wedding rings, Gem stone engagement and wedding rings, silver engagement and wedding rings, and especially diamond rings.  You must be careful while choosing your desired engagement and wedding rings; to get the perfect one. You need to be choosy about engagement and wedding rings because you buy your engagement and wedding rings almost once in your lifetime; but due to the lack of experience & knowledge about selecting the wonderful ring, you can present the incorrect ring to your sweetheart.

Engagement and wedding rings is the master key that opens the new door of happiness, so you should be touchy in presenting the ring to your life partner.

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Like your skin type, your hair has types as well. Taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin. Some have thick hair while others have fine; some have curls while others have straight; also some hair are oily and others are dry.

There are hundreds of ways of taking care of your hair. But, in case of combination hair, it gets slightly tough.

But, still we have ways to easen up the effort and pain of taking care of combination hair. There are numerous hair care tips for combination type of hair. Right products can help you get healthy, shiny and bouncy hair full of life.

Firstly, you should make sure with the proper washing of the hair. Remember, never use never use hot water while shampooing. It makes hair strands weaker and damages the fine smooth texture. Lukewarm water is best for shampooing. Not even cold water.

Be careful about what you choose for your hair. Right products, healthy hair! For combination type hair, avoid using shampoos made especially for oily hair. As an alternative, opt for shampoos specially made for normal hair.

Use less quantity of shampoo to wash hair. Apply shampoo on the scalp directly and wash the tips with the lather that forms. In no way apply you should allow yourself to apply shampoo directly to the tips because the shampoo will wash off the necessary oil required by your hair tips. You should be very peculiar about cleaning your hair tips. Rinse the shampoo off thoroughly from your hair tips.

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It’s (beauty) a kind of radiance. People who possess a true inner beauty, their eyes a little brighter, their skin a little more dewy. They vibrate at a different frequency.
Cameron Diaz

Beauty is a God gifted blessing but to take care of it is in your hands. Beautiful soul, beautiful mind and a beautiful face all when combine creates a beautiful person. Maintaining the beauty is like an art. You should know this art if you are a blessed one.

There are so many ways of taking good care of yourself; only one or two never gives you the desired results. For example only taking care of yourself physically & apparently can’t help you out to make you generous in the real sense. Other then beautifying outer magnificence, you should give proper attention to your inner glory as well; to have a complete lovely personality. Do not forget that your inner side or character reflects on your face and every sharp minded person can judge your inner self by looking at your face. So pay attention on this sensitive matter.

With the aim of smartening your inner side, you need to keep certain things in mind; like your thinking pattern. Thinking pattern in considered as the most significant component of building-up of character. Positive thinking is like a first-rate fuel in making the road of success in life smooth. It also makes your personality strong & pleased; as optimism represents the inner beauty and inner beauty represents the happiness. So always think positive in order to act positive.

Some of your attitudes of outer world also describe your inner manner or feelings like your attitude towards others, outer environment/surroundings, your way to walk, talk, your diet, your knowledge, your exposure towards certain things and much more.

Always remember that your little deeds of kindness and good will flourish your inner beautiful. So try to be an example for spreading the kind acts; no matter big or small.  Mostly in our societies we have some stereo type images of beauty. So most of us often go for those, no matter they only possess the outer attractiveness. For looking inside the person to explore his/her inner beauty, you need to develop such scrutinizing eyes.

To look deep inside one’s soul is also not less than an art.

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Khaadi is one of the most dependable and wearable stuff to enjoy in most of the seasons in a year. Any time in any season its quality remained unbeatable. Particularly to re-fresh the summer season when comes with its full bloom. Khaadi stuffed brands or products are not only restricted within clothes & fabric; you can enjoy Khaadi in your hand bags, foot wears and other home accessories.

The most important reason for the reliability of this stuff is that it is trendy and comfortable so that everyone can easily carry. This might be the reason that you will find a huge range of Khaadi in different varieties in almost every market. Majorly Khaadi is best known for its autograph three piece suits with straight lines and plain shalwars, cotton silk with sequins and motifs, especially wearable for formal evening wear and pure silk suits which can go for both wedding and party functions. These are some of the ideas that can be considered as Khaadi’s Hallmark.

Another noteworthy thing about Khaadi is that it is affordable and people from almost every walk of life belongs to almost every class can easily reach up to this trendy stuff. There is also a range in semi-formal readymade short tunics as well. In summer season Khaadi is available in many colors, mostly in light colors range; but the combination of Black and white never goes out of the fashion.

Besides in fabrics, you can get Khaadi in your bags and foot wear additionally. The sandals, pumps and especially flip flops with beads and bows are also gaining prominence day-by-day. The interesting thing about the Khaadi footwear is that they are also very comfortable that’s why usually available in casual footwear.

Next to the footwear, khaadi is also available in the jewelry items too. Metal has got a little bit space along with the khaadi in jewelry. Also the pure silver bangles, bracelets, ear rings, with the touch of khaadi. These jewelry items are no doubt opens new door in the field of jewelry making.

So get ready to enjoy the colorful Khaadi clothes, footwear & jewelry or a match of all these at a time in this summer.

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Laser Therapy to beauty your skin and make it looks younger is a risk or not? We will tell you some of the facts today about this amazing technology. So if you have some quires then you need to satisfy first. Laser therapy was used on the medical grounds first but then because of its uncountable advantages and tremendous out comes for protecting the skin beauty, it is now serving the humanity as beauty treatment as well. 

Laser Therapy is not an old fashion treatment to beautify the skin; this might be the reason that so many people still hesitate to adopt this cure. There is a list of reasons to introduce this technology in the era. For example the ultra violet harmful sun rays due to the hole in the ozone layer were not so dangerous few years or decades ago. So with the passage of time and with the increase in the hole of the ozone, sun rays started producing lots of side effects through the high exposure of sun rays. Other the harms of the sun rays dust & pollution was also never been so hazardous to human beings.

In this critical time period only beauty products hardly protects your delicate skin from the side effects of the above mentioned harms. Particularly the stains, pimples, wrinkles and other blemishing like sun marks and spots, skin burns they look odd.

Laser therapy is one of the good and beneficial treatments which can reveal your natural beauty within a short span of time. It retains your face glow as it was before the exposure of the harms. One of these sorts of therapy is named as ‘Dynamic Therapy’; this is particularly advantageous for preserving the skin from the harmful skin sun burns. Another treatment for healing the spots is the ‘Freezing Therapy’. The method of caring the beauty of your skin through laser treatment is now practicing in many places of the world; means internationally this trend is getting importance day-by-day.

So laser therapy can be helpful in protecting your external outlook & skin glow.

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