Well people, this time we have something new, but as always according to the current fashion and style.

Second International conference on Textile and Clothing (ICTC) is going to be held in Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore Pakistan; starting from 7th to 8th May, 2009.

Although this conference has nothing to do directly with the fashion models and designers, but with the Fashion researchers. This would be the platform for the fashion & style developers to learn about the new styles. These academic and industrial researchers would definitely have advantages in creating and introducing more & unique fashion styles.

The main focus of the conference will be towards the manufacturing and trade areas of technical textiles to elaborate major changes and their impact industry. The Technical Program Committee is also establishing papers in the following general areas.

Medical Textiles, Military Textiles, Automotive/ Transportation Textiles, Textiles in Sports, Industrial Textiles, Geo Textiles, Nanotechnology based Textiles, Technical Textiles in Pakistan, Usages of Intelligent Fibers, Technical Textile in Clothing and Future of Technical Textile.

Not only the Pakistani Scholars but the Foreign researchers will participate in this conference.

These fashion developers will get the maximum benefit from it and will improve the fashion and textile standards.

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