Zainab Qayum – a fashion icon

Well, who says once off the ramp, you are out of the picture! ZQ recently revealed in an interview that its rather more fun and exciting being at the audience’s place, watching and observing amazing beauties dressed in finest designer wear rather than being up there on the ramp. Perhaps, that is why ZQ took a break from modeling for a considerable time period and is back in action once again, as glamorous as ever!

Zainab Qayum aka ZQ had bid farewell to runway modeling quite a while ago, leaving her friends and colleagues and everyone is the fashion industry astonished and surprised. But, for ZQ, it was for the best.

ZQ had never left modelling but its the runway she has let go off. All this time, Zainab Qayum aka ZQ wasn’t sitting idle. She was having a wonderful times experiencing many different things. She has had herself equipped with teaching, journalism, a series of TV serials and commercials and so much more. Not just that, she also appeared as a host in place of Nadia Khan for her Breakfast shows, while she was away on a vacation for her delivery.

Not quite happy with the younger coming lot, ZQ feels that the newer coming models need to a good lesson of respecting their profession and most of all, their seniors in the field. There is a height of UN-professionalism going on in the industry, giving rise to a bad competition.

Well, lets just hope that ZQ’s comeback surprise is taken well by her competitors. After all, it’s stunningly talented Zainab Qayum we are talking about!

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