Personality Prediction through Shoes (Part 1)

We can predict a person in the course of many ways; one is prediction about his personality through his/her shoes.
Predictions through shoes actually define one’s behavioral patterns and attitude. It predicts person’s behavior towards his own way to live life and his behavior towards his/her relationships as well.


It also indicate his habits, especially hygienic habits, like if someone is in the habit to keep his shoes clean most of the time then it means that he must be a tidiness loving person in his other matters too. On the other hand if a person doesn’t care about the cleanness of his shoes, it means that he is careless in his other matters as well.

Other than this if one loves to wear soft and gentle texture shoes than its mean that he is bit sensitive sort of person. This softness loving nature reflects his sensitivity. On the contrary if one prefer to wear hard or rigid texture shoes than its means that he has potential to protect himself from the difficulties. He can cover or safe himself from the bitter realities, etc.

The state of one’s shoes designates the state of everything else in his life. Most of the things or matters of your life needs your proper attention and concentration. You must give in order to keep your things well managed. If one is in the habit of taking good care of his shoes, it means that he is a well organized person in his other aspects of life too. In other words we can say that maintaining shoes indicates the behavioral pattern of character maintenance.

If a person do some extra work in order to keep his shoes in a proper way, It means that he can do extra effort whenever necessary in his life or in order to safe his important things. On the contrary if he just throw the shoes when he came back to home in his shoe cabinet, it means that he has more chances of losing things.

Another important thing in shoe case is that if one prefers to wear silent shoes, means flat and comfortable shoes that make no noise at all, it means that this person prefers calmness most of the time and loves to be alone at times. On the other hand those people who likes to wear noisy or tik tok shoes, it point outs that these people wants other’s attention. Sometimes it can be a matter of attraction or to woo someone. As some says that your shoes communicate or tells your gender.

Also that person who likes to wear decent and elegant shoes represents the simplicity of their personality. Those who love to wear fancy shoes represent their naughty or shiny personality.

In short we may say that how much a man takes care of his shoes specify how much he takes care of himself.

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