Water based Cosmetics

Water Based Cosmetics’ Usage Tips in Pakistan
Water Based Cosmetics’ Usage Tips in Pakistan

In summer season it's always good to use water base foundations, sun blocks and bases.

In summer season it’s always good to use water base foundations and bases. Sumer make-up has more chances to get moist, because of the perspiration.  Due to the perspiration usually summer make-up gets cracks. The cracks in the base & foundation of course not look nice. So in order to avoid from any sort of disturbance later; keep your eyes open while purchasing the foundation. 

Using oil base foundation means having excess of oil on the face in make-up after some hours. Other then foundations, water base blushes also help you in maintaining your make-up for a long period of time.  Besides blushes and foundations you should use water base sun blocks in summer, not oil base. The sun blocks must be of SPF 15. Otherwise oil base sun block can cover your face with another layer of oil; and this will have drastic results in the form of pimples.

So prefer water based blushes, foundations & sun blocks to have fresh summer make-up.