Beauty Style

There are a lot of beauty tips and methods to treat and make you feel calm, relax and comfortable. You can give yourself a shower, bath and last but not the least relax.

Every woman then adheres to ways of keeping their skin cells alive and fresh at all times. That is when they search or try to come up with spa tips for a winter proof skin.

As winter season comes with full swing in Pakistan now a days and sale of sweaters, blanket, coffee, tea and dry fruits are at their peak to make our body warm But what about outer skin? Don't worry, giving you some easy home Spa tips to beat the winter b

Sometimes it is difficult as to how to maintain to your hot tub but by following a few simple steps any hot tub can be maintained and kept spotless clean as you use it over the years.

Are you looking for spa secrets to relax at home? Check out some secrets that will relax your mind, pamper your body and sooth your soul.

The busy life in fast lane that we live, come with a huge price, especially for the females where they end up compromising on their beauty. The one thing that can help you unwind, is a perfect day spa that suits your needs. It works like a gem.

Lymphatic Drainage

Massages are usually used to make your body relax and improve blood circulation. Some of them are not recommended to patients who undergone through any surgery or to women who are pregnant etc. but “Lymph drainage massage” is one which can provide num

A trip to spa and having spa days definitely has its health advantages. They do an amazing job in making us rejuvenate.

The concept of a flawless, porcelain complexion is an Asian staple. When we think of East Asia, we think of delicate beauties sporting gleaming complexions too luminous to be real.

Lava Shell Massage

There are so many different kinds of massages which are offering by Spas to make your tired and stiffed muscles relaxed and comfortable. Unique ways or therapies are introducing by Spas in which “Lave shell massage” is one. Lava stone massage is prima